9th World Congress for Psychotherapy 2020
9th World Congress
for Psychotherapy
"Children, Society and Future – the Planet of Psychotherapy"
June 23-26, 2022
Moscow, Russia

Poster presentations

Poster presentation (poster) is one of the popular forms of presenting information at a congress or conference. It allows to convey to the visitors large volumes of diverse information within a short time span. Poster presentation is sort of a business card of someone’s work. It resembles a bulletin-board or a banner. Poster presentation is printed on a printer or plotter and is placed on a vertical surface. Poster presentation contains a lot of of visual information (images, graphs, charts) and minimum text.

Compared to oral presentation the poster one has few advantages as well as its limitations.

Advantages: Studying the report can last for the whole presentation; the speaker has the opportunity to directly communicate with the audience interested in the report; the speaker is worried less.

Disadvantages: one has to make an effort to get the audience interested; during the poster session the speaker cannot leave the stand; to create a good poster it takes time as well as money (materials, printing).

Requirements and recommendations for the design of poster presentations:

  • The main requirement for a poster — clear statement of the study’s main points without any secondary information.
  • Information should be placed vertically on a sheet of A1 format (841 x 594 mm);
  • Use minimum text (no more than 25 % of the whole amount);
  • Give preference to simple sentences and lists;
  • Use bold font or larger letters to highlight section and subsection names;
  • The font size should be sufficient for the reading from a distance of one or two meters: the main text is at least 24 pt, headings — 28—44 pt;
  • Use fonts of the sans serif type, for example, Arial or Helvetica (unlike the traditional Times New Roman, they are better suited for reading from a distance);
  • The color of the text should contrast with the background, the unwritten rule is dark text on a light background and vice versa;
  • Graphic material should be varied: tables, figures, diagrams, photographs;
  • All illustrations must be of sufficient resolution (at least 300 dpi) to avoid the appearance of pixels;
  • The poster should be readable from the top left corner to the bottom right;
  • The title of the poster and its author's name should be placed at the top of the poster;
  • Appendixes (contact information, acknowledgement, literature) are located at the bottom of the poster, in smaller print;
  • When placing information, please note that the optical center of the sheet is usually 1/8 above the geometric one.
  • In addition to the poster placed on the vertical surface, the speaker may have handouts for the visitors interested (smaller copies of the poster, translation into other languages, author’s business cards, etc.).

The poster presentation should be translated into English. The translation can be placed on the poster itself, or in order to save space, be put in handouts.

Making a poster presentation is entirely the responsibility of the speaker. The Congress Organizing Committee does not make posters, print or deliver them to the sessions venue.

The speaker must be present at the poster session on the day and time agreed upon by the Organizing Committee. If the speaker is late, the poster presentation is excluded from the poster session program.

A list of poster presentations will be included in the annotated congress program. To be included in the program, the speaker should send an application for participation with posterpresentation to the Organizing Committee by March 1, 2020. The application should contain the following information in Russian and English (the application should be translated by a professional translator, applications done by machine translation will not be accepted):

  • Title of the poster presentation
  • Name, academic degree (if any), place of work and position of the speaker
  • Email and mobile phone number of the speaker.

Poster application form

Please note! Duplication of the oral presentation content with poster presentation is NOT ALLOWED!

The best poster presentation contest will be held within the framework of poster sessions. The winner can take part in the 10th World Congress for Psychotherapy in 2024 in Austria without paying the congress fee.

Please send your applications for poster presentations to:

Scientific secretary of OPPL Sofiya Kamalova,

Congress program (abstract submission) coordinator
, + 7 (916) 062-00-26, +31-6-87-08-1964

Information partner