9th World Congress for Psychotherapy 2020
9th World Congress
for Psychotherapy
"Children, Society and Future – the Planet of Psychotherapy"
June 23-26, 2022
Moscow, Russia

Extended abstracts (presentation thesis)

(instruction for authors)

IX World Congress for Psychotherapy aims to widely incapsulate and represent the world psychotherapy in all its diversity, and publication of congress proceedings serves as an important part of the congress activities. We are carrying the special issue of the volume of congress proceedings — Internet Scientific Practical Journal “Anthology of Russian Psychotherapy and Psychology” — ANTHOLOGY OF WORLD PSYCHOTHERAPY. The volume includes articles and extended abstracts (thesis) in English and Russian languages.

Publication costs: thesis (extended abstract) — 20 Euros (1000-1500 characters with spaces); articles — 10 Euros per page (1800 characters with spaces).

Translation of proceedings — 40 Euros per page (1800 characters with spaces).

Minimum amount of order is 20 Eur.


Please, send you proceedings for Congress Volume to


1. Requirements to authors submitting abstracts:

The abstract is submitted as ONE file:

  1. File type — MS Windows Word (file name extension — doc, rtf), containing TEXT ONLY.
  2. Graphics, tables or reference lists ARE NOT ALLOWED.
  3. File with the abstract should be named AS FOLLOWS:
    Name of Event — Thesis — Author’s name — date of sending (dd/mm/yy)
    File name example
    : Congress 2020. Abstract. Ivanov. 01.01.19
    The topic of the email should be marked as follows: THESIS FOR ANTHOLOGY 2020


2. Order of presenting the text

  1. Title of the abstract IN CAPITAL LETTERS.
  2. For each author: family name and initials, e-mail,scientific degree and place of employment. Name of the place of employment mustn’t have abbreviations. Working area should be mentioned.
  3. Length: 1500 — 2500 signs, including spaces, full name, ranks and information about authors.

If you have difficulties with defining the length of the text, you should use the «Service» menu, «Statistics» option. Font type should be Arial Narrow, font size -10, single interval.


3. Protection of patient’s right for confidentiality

Every patient has the right for confidentiality which shouldn’t be breached without their agreement. It is forbidden to publish any information that might reveal the identity of the patient with the exception of the cases of great scientific value in which the patient (their parents or guardians) gave their agreement in written form. It is forbidden to distort or falsify data in order to achieve anonymity. In case of any doubt you should inform the patient immediately and get their agreement for publication. Do not use family names or initials of patients as well as medical file numbers.


4. Units of measurement

Measurements of length, height, width and volume should be presented in metric units (meter, kilogram, liter) or on their decimals. Temperature should be presented in degrees Celsius, blood pressure— in millimeters of mercury range. All hematological and biochemical indicators should be presented in the units of metric system (International System of Units — SI).


5. Pharmaceuticals

Active substance, commercial and generic names as well as the name of the producing company should be indicated in descriptions of pharmaceuticals.



To include your proceedings into the Congress Volume of The Internet Scientific Journal “Anthology of Russian Psychotherapy and Psychology”, we kindly ask you to send them to
Anna Boulycheva,
Publishing editor of the “Anthology of Russian Psychotherapy and Psychology”
, +7 (913) 911-69-36

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