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9th World Congress for Psychotherapy 2020
9th World Congress
for Psychotherapy
"Children, Society and Future – the Planet of Psychotherapy"
June 26-29, 2020
Moscow, Russia

Psyfest trainings and workshops

9th World Congress for Psychotherapy
"Children, Society and Future — the Planet of Psychotherapy"
June 26-29, 2020
Moscow, Russia

Psyfest 2020 — application for trainers
(workshop/training seminar)

Guidelines for an application to conduct a workshop, a training or of another interactive group activity within Psyfest
(for trainers)

Summary of a workshop (training) is required to be in both Russian and English languages in two separate files.

The topic of the email with the application must include: SUMMARY OF PSYFEST 2020 WORKSHOP (TRAINING)

1. The filename should be as following:
Family of a trainer — Application — Short title — Date of sending — Indication of the language

File in English: Makarov. Application. WORKSHOP MONEY. 01.01.19.ENG
File in Russian: Makarov. Application. WORKSHOP MONEY. 01.01.19.RUS

2. File type — MS Office Word (file extensions — doc, docx, rtf). Size — UP TO 2750 characters including spaces , including spaces, full name, ranks and information about authors.

If you have difficulties with defining the length of the text, you should use the «Service» menu, «Statistics» option. Font type should be Arial Narrow, font size -12, single interval.

А. Information about the trainer and brief description (summary) of the training:

Name and Surname — are given in full.

Important information about a trainer (up to 300 characters): credentials and professional profile, job position; publications and books (if any; 2-3 most important of them), any important additional information...(Country, city)

Title of the workshop / training IN CAPITAL LETTERS.
Core audience
Brief summary (up to 400 characters including spaces)
Detailed summary (more detailed description of your activity — up to 2000 characters)

EXAMPLE, English:

Victor Makarov— Doctor of Medicine, M.D., professor, president of Professional Psychotherapeutic League of Russia, vice-president of World Council for Psychotherapy, head of psychotherapy, medical psychology and sexology chair of Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education. Russia, Moscow.
Money is the first of the social forces. The four forces of nature: earth, water, air, fire are now pressed by money. The training will cover the following issues: money in one’s kin and family, money in raising children, money in adolescence, money in young and mature age, money in the lives of seniors. Money in business and in personal life. Romance of money and punishment by money. As a result of the training, it’s participants will able to develop strategies of their personal relationships with money, leading to success and happiness.
The training will be interesting for:
general audience.
More information:
The legendary “Money” training has been conducted by V. Makarov since late 1980s. The training has been constantly transforming ever since, meeting the needs and general trends in a rapidly changing society. Nowadays Russia is experiencing a severe crisis, or, more correctly, a depression. Thus, we adapt our financial behavior strategies in business and personal life to changing social conditions.

EXAMPLE, Russian:

Тренинг «Стихия денег»
Макаров Виктор Викторович — доктор медицинских наук, профессор, президент Общероссийской профессиональной психотерапевтической лиги, Вице-президент Всемирного совета по психотерапии, заведующий кафедрой психотерапии и сексологии Российской медицинской академии последипломного образования. Россия, Москва.
Деньги — первая из социальных стихий. Четыре природные стихии — земля, вода, воздух, огонь — теснятся деньгами. В рамках тренинга будут рассмотрены: деньги в вашем роду и семье, деньги в воспитании детей, деньги в подростковом и юношеском возрасте, деньги в молодом и зрелом возрасте, деньги в жизни старших граждан. Деньги в работе и личной жизни. Романтика и наказание деньгами. В результате сложится ваша личная стратегия отношения с деньгами, ведущая к успеху и счастью.
Мероприятие будет интересно для:
широкой аудитории.
Легендарный тренинг «Деньги» проводится автором с конца восьмидесятых годов. Тренинг изменяется согласно потребностям и основным трендам быстро изменяющегося мира. Сейчас страна переживает очередной кризис, вернее, депрессию, и наши стратегии финансового поведения в работе и жизни подстраиваются под меняющиеся социальные условия.

Contact information:
Mobile number (including country code):_______________

B. Photograph of the trainer up to 500 Kb in size (to be published at the official congress website)
— The photo must be sent as a separate file in JPEG file type only.
— Please, indicate your name and surname in the name of the file.

C. Framework
— Preferable date and time of your workshop / training seminar / other activity. The timing must be within the Panels of Psyfest (see the Day Schedule of Psyfest 2020).
The final schedule of Psyfest will be based on your preferences, but it remainsat the discretion of the Organizing committee).

— Required equipment.

Points A (Information about the trainer and the training) and C (Framework of the training) should be in the same Microsoft Office Word file.

D. Video invitation — your address to the Psyfest 2020 attendees:
A video presentation allows t he attendees of Psyfest 2020 to understand the essence and the key results of your workshop/training seminar in a clear and accessible way.
While making the video, you can use a script made from the initial summary of your activity: its contents and key results, main reasons to attend it, etc. The main goal of the video is to draw attention to your workshop/training seminar and to invite the Psyfest audience to it.
The video file should be named as “Your name— Psyfest invitation “ and sent to the Organizing committee as a separate file.
The length of the video should be NO LONGER THAN 60 SECONDS!
Technical specifications: MP4 file type, resolution — 1080р or less, size of each file — up to 100 Mb.
We accept videos, recorded by home photo/ video equipment or by smartphone (including a frontal camera in a “selfie” mode).


Please note! If the length of application exceeds the specified above limits, its text will be shortened at the discretion of the Editors without the approval of the applicant.

We kindly ask you to send us the Psyfest 2020 trainer applications at:

Additional information and Q&A
Executive director of Psyfest, Olga Prykhodchenko, +7 (915) 129-87-50

English language assistance
Sofiya Kamalova
, +7 (916) 062-00-26, +31 (6) 87-08-1964


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