9th World Congress for Psychotherapy 2020
9th World Congress
for Psychotherapy
"Children, Society and Future – the Planet of Psychotherapy"
June 24-27, 2021
Moscow, Russia

Alfried LAENGLE (Austria)

Alfried LÄNGLE, M.D., Ph.D., Dr. h.c.mult., professor, born in 1951 in Austria, studied medicine and psychology at the Universities of Innsbruck, Rome, Toulouse and Vienna. After years of hospital work in general medicine and psychiatry he started a private practice in psychotherapy, general medicine and clinical psychology in Vienna (since 1982). Close collaboration with Viktor Frankl from 1981 to 1991. Founder (1983) and president (until 2017) of the International Society for Logotherapy and Existential Analysis (Vienna). Lecturer at many universities in Europe and America. Professor of applied psychology (psychotherapy) at the Moscow’s HSE-university (since 2004), at Vienna’s Sigmund Freud university (2011) and the university of Klagenfurt, Austria (since 2006). Founder of the stately approved training school of Existential-Analytical Psychotherapy. Vice President of the International Federation of Psychotherapy (IFP 2002 — 2010). 6 honorary professorships in medicine and psychology.


Over 400 publications, including the following books:

  • (2019) Existenzanalis.Existenzialnije podchody psichoterapii. Moskwa: Cogito
  • (2019) Woplo’shennaja Ekzistenzija. Razwitie, primenenie i konzepty ekzistenzial’nogo analiza. Char’kov: Gumanitarnyi Zentr
  • (2018) Sovremennyi ekzistencial‘nyj analiz. Istorija, teorija, praktika, issledovanija. Moskwa: Jurait
  • (2005) Person. Eksistenzialno-analititscheskaja teorija litschnosti. Moskwa: Genezis
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