9th World Congress for Psychotherapy 2020
9th World Congress
for Psychotherapy
"Children, Society and Future – the Planet of Psychotherapy"
June 24-27, 2021
Moscow, Russia

All-Russian Professional Psychotherapeutic League (PPL Russia)

All-Russian Professional Psychotherapeutic League (PPL Russia, or League) is a professional association of a cutting-edge kind which organizes significant professional activities every day, 365 days a year. Since 1998, it unites all those who are engaged or trained in psychotherapy. The Professional Psychotherapeutic League is the most large, active and influential professional psychotherapeutic community in Russia. Active members of the League reside in 28 countries, 12 of which are former republics of the USSR. The total number of the PPL members has topped the mark of 10,000 people. The PPL has 78 branches in a majority of the regions of Russian Federation, in many countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States and in far-abroad states.

Being an organization of the bleeding edge type, the League sets a creative atmosphere of cooperation and complementary development for specialists from different schools and fields of psychotherapy and counseling, and organizes congresses and scientific and practical conferences that have a significant impact on the professional community and receive unique public response; holds conventions of specialists in psychotherapy at regional, federal, continental and world levels.

The Professional Psychotherapeutic League is the official representative of the Russian Federation in the European Association for Psychotherapy, the Asian Federation for Psychotherapy and the World Council for Psychotherapy. Members of the League are fully engaged in the activities of the world community of psychotherapists.

Each member of the PPL is able to grow professionally within the League from observant membership through consultative membership to the full membership. Full members of the League are recognized professionals in psychotherapy and counseling with at least 3-5 years of work experience. They are authorized to be “the voices” of the League, speaking on behalf of it. The League fosters professional development — from a neophyte in psychotherapy to a skilled and respected professional.

The League voluntary licenses professional activities of consulting psychologists, applied psychologists and psychotherapists; accredits psychological and training centers. The mission of the PPL as the largest professional community is to develop an adequate market of psychotherapeutic services, and to ensure the high quality of such services.

The regional branches of the PPL, representing the All-Russian professional public organization, can engage in the activities of regional certification commissions.

Each member of the League is able to receive professional recognition in counseling by national accreditation and certification, and to be acknowledged internationally by receiving the European and World certificates of Psychotherapy.

The Professional Psychotherapeutic League adopted the accumulative principle of education more than decade ago, and now offers training programs which significantly improve the professional level of its participants. The certificates issued by the PPL after completing the training are recognized by all major professional associations of Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States, by the European Association for Psychotherapy and the World Council for Psychotherapy. Certification programs held by the League provide a possibility to receive the European Certificate of Psychotherapy.

Each member of the League has vast opportunities to receive high-quality theoretical training along with personal psychotherapy and supervision of professional practice; and is able to choose a private supervisor or to take part in supervisory groups. The PPL actively develops the institute of supervision in the professional community and organizes special training programs for supervisors.

Along plenty of events organized by the Professional Psychotherapeutic League, a unique form of professional development can be distinguished. “Decadnik” (ten-day workshop marathon) offers its participants workshops held by notorious psychotherapists and, on top of that, provides possibilities to exchange experiences with fellow psychotherapists, to demonstrate professional achievements, to advance in one’s personal growth and enjoy saturating professional communications while submerging in the world of psychotherapy and training.

Since 2018, main events of the League are organized as festivals of psychotherapy and psychology — PsyFests. Diverse in contents, PsyFests bring together the scientific, professional, practical, educational and social aspects of our profession.

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