9th World Congress for Psychotherapy 2020
9th World Congress
for Psychotherapy
"Children, Society and Future – the Planet of Psychotherapy"
June 23-26, 2022
Moscow, Russia


We invite people interested in psychology, personal development and looking for the answers to their questions to Game Practice Day!

Game Practice is an activity where using the Game solves wide range of life challenges. Psychological table game is designed to help participants recognize their inner states in a difficult or, on the contrary, desired situation (for example, achieving a goal). It allows a person to change her/his behavior in their imagination, try any role, live through any, even the most incredible scenario!

Game is themerriest and easiest way to get to know and change yourself! This is a life exercises that allows you to reach a new level of development. This is a training of life that allows you to reach a new level of development! It’s a unique opportunity to dive in to the game type of therapy through the transformational psychological games and master classes!

Game Therapy asa type of psychotherapeutic practice exists in the form of various psychological, transformational, integration and other games. The game is subconsciously identified as a pleasure coming from childhood and therefore attracts more people than typical consultation, training, intensive training or master class, which require work and tension. During the game on the contrary one can rest and enjoy her/himself. At the same time the game is a very effective instrument to work with people and solve various psychological and business tasks, as it engages the potential of the subconscious and fills one with positive emotional and psychological resources.

Using Game Practice has nocontraindications and at present is widely used in different spheres of life: psychology, pedagogics, coaching, business-consulting, different corporate trainings, educational and social programs, advertising, sales — everywhere, where creative and non-standard approach is necessary to expand the work of the psyche!

At MiniFest «Create your own world playfully» you will receive:

  • Answers to important questions regarding your life — your relationships, love, family, health, career, happiness and success.
  • Knowledge from specialists and experts of the rapidly developing area of Game Practice.
  • An opportunity to get acquainted with work of highly professional specialists.
  • Professional and personal development.
  • Presentation of more than 20 psychological games and master classes.
  • An opportunity to take part in two demo versions of transformational games.
  • A great way to pump up different areas of your life and get filled with positive energy.
  • Possibility to relax and plunge into the playful state of childhood.
  • New acquaintances, connections, communication opportunities.
  • The key to personal happiness!

Game Practice DaySchedule for June 24, 2021:

  • 09.30-10.00 — Registration of participants.
  • 10.00-16.00 — Grand opening and congress planning day.
  • 16.00-16.15 — Introduction, presentation of the facilitators.
  • 16.15-18.00 — 1st tape: simultaneous session of ten demo versions of different psychological transformational games.
  • 18.00-18.15 — Break.
  • 18.15-20.00 — 2nd tape: simultaneous session of ten demo versions of different psychological transformational games.
  • 20.00-20.30 — Summary of the day, rewarding of the leading game practitioners.


Lidia Surina — Ph.D., analytical psychologist, astrologer, founder of the author's School of Deep Astropsychology, psychotherapist, full member of the All-Russian Professional Psychotherapeutic League, chairman of the Jungian Analysis modality, OPLP, teacher of OPLP at the international level, head of the Creativity of Life Psychological Center, Moscow, Russia.

Nikolay Korneychuk — programmer, computer and board game developer, designer, musician. Engagedinastrologysince 2008.Moscow, Russia.

The unique game mechanics of the game is based on the classical Western (Ptolemaic) astrological system. Analogues of such a game in the world at the moment do not exist.

The game was first presented at the festival of psychological and transformational games at the Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis in the summer of 2014. In 2015, the game took part in the 1st Moscow festival of transformational board games and in many psychological conferences, including international ones.

The game allows you to realize your inner state in the current life situation with the help of the archetypes of planets and their astrological aspects, which are formed during the game. You get the opportunity to work out your problems at the deepest archetypal level, realizing their manifestations in specific life circumstances. The game can also be used as a powerful methodological tool for conducting psychological and transformational trainings.


Pervak Violetta — psychologist, teacher Ipsps, Gestalt — consultant, trainer SPT group, supervisor specialists of helping professions, certified bioenergy, theta instructor, hiropractic, full member of OPPL, co-Director of the cluster «Hiropractic in therapy and psychological counseling», the organizer of the Minifest «When create your world!» Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

The author's psychological game-transformer is presented. it consists of unique techniques that help a person to find and discover inner reserves, to notice new chances that the world around them constantly provides. The more opportunities we see around us, the more and easier it is to realize your potential, because success is within us!

Almost all people think about how to attract good luck, achieve success and become a happy person. It's never so good that it's not even better. There is always something to strive for! However, in order to improve the quality of your life, you need a lot of energy. The streaming state created by being involved in the game allows you to relax and have fun — this may be enough to create a powerful energy wave that can take you to the top of success!

Game training «from Luck to Success» gives you the opportunity to play, take a step towards your luck and get closer to achieving success in any area of life!


Alexandra Muravyeva — Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Trauma Therapist, Sexologist, Vice-President of the International Professional Guild of Psychologists Game Practitioners, co-Chairman of the PPL Russia cluster Game Practice in Therapy and Psychological Counseling. FullmemberofthePPL. Moscow, Russia.

The author of the game is Alexandra Muravyova. The game is recommended for couples who have experience in long-term relationships and for people who are just planning to create a relationship.

During the game, participants have the opportunity to add novelty and romance, to explore erotic fantasies and desires. After all, erotic fantasies and desires are natural to humans. A creative playful approach to the transformation of sexual energy helps to reduce the experience of embarrassment, shyness, timidity and shame — feelings that often impede the release of energy.

The game helps people to become closer to each other, their relationships are enriched with new meanings.


The author of the game is Ilya Grekov. The main goal of this game is to improve parent-child relationships, help the teenager in his development, and parents in solving their own psychological problems. The keys to a more complete understanding of the problem and ways to solve it are revealed in the dialogs of the characters of the game, in their interaction. Each participant in the game, like a screenwriter, builds a plot, like a director initiates all game events, and participates as an actor in all game twists and turns. The game is based on the concept of passing the archetypal stages of identity transformation in the process of therapy — Self myth.

The specialist has been working with families in parent-child relations for 20 years.

There is a well-known axiom: “Problems of children are problems of parents”.

A close examination of the causes of children's difficulties, often shows that it is true. To solve difficulties with the child, parents have to figure out the real reasons, which exactly caused difficulties in the parent-child relationship and start with themselves.


Ilya Grekov — Ph. D in Psychology, President of the International professional Guild of Psychologists Game Practitioners. Full member of the PPL Russia, author of the game The New Day, Moscow, Russia.

The author of the game is Ilya Grekov. The game helps participants to find personal meanings in the surrounding world ­— landmarks of hope of a new day. Personal meaning is unique, it should and can be realized only by a specific person and no one else. Players are given a task of identifying individual development vectors and discovering common life goals, the realization of which is feasible in the foreseeable future. The format of the group game develops communication skills, mutual assistance, altruism, and provides a sense of befriending among the participants. An individual game is for solving psychological problems and coping with a difficult life situation.

The game is held in schools, clinics, psychological centers in Russia and abroad.


The transformational game «Pantheon: Game of the Gods» is based on a system of personality types. The gameplay helps the play therapist 's client find behavioral strategies, necessary to achieve important life goals. The player tests the necessary actions on the way to life goals in the game simulation. The «Pantheon» game is recommended for those people who want to learn how to effectively achieve their goals as soon as possible.

This game makes it possible to «try on» a new personality type and thus expand the range available coping behavior patterns.


Arkharova Anna — Jungiananalyst. Consultant psychologist. The psy-game practitioner, the author and the host of psychological transformation games since 2014.The co-author and the partner of the psy-game projects as «Mosaicof games», «Adrenaline» (Moscow). The member of the PPL. The member of the MAAP (Moscow Assotiation of Analytic Psychology). The member of the International Professional Guild of Psychologists and Game Practitioners (IPGPGP). Moscow, Russia.

The game «Love Tree» (or «Around LoveTree») is based on Jungian heritage, and the use of symbols in the game is the key to unlocking a player's soul. A gameplay takes place right on the painting by the famous modernist artist Gustav Klimt, as it is full of archetypal geometry symbols. The game also uses elements of art therapy.

The game is devoted to the study of the personal relationship between the opposite sexes — man and woman, husband or wife, friends or partners.Each player lives their personal game history. The game shows what kind of resource the player has and what not a resource is.

In the game the answers and patterns appear exactly as if they are being drawn. The game helps to synchronize internal and external being, get clearer allthat is essential and important for a player...

This game session helps to expand the vision of the personal situation, it activates processes of awareness, leads to the integral vision and understanding of the goal, and getting a joyful happy state of mind.

The game is recommended both for psychologists and culturologists.


Zakrevsky Alexey Anatolyevich — executive coach, ICF member, IPGPGP member, creator of coaching tools for transforming negative emotions, shadow parts, phobias and internal contradictions. Moscow, Russia.

The game “Liberation” is based on a projective technique and storytelling. It works with an individual cognitive map. Participants explore the resource aspects of the main negative emotions. They learn how to recognize and transform 14 unpleasant feelings with special questions (Key questions).

The event will be interesting for: psychologists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists.

The usual attitude of people to negative emotions is avoidance and suppression. The game involved in process of study of the nature of these strong unpleasant feelings and helps to discover valuable resources that are important for our lives, which are usually hidden under negative emotions.

In the gaming environment, participants create and tell stories about game heroes living strong negative feelings. In this way they get acquainted with the «Keys» (specific questions) for each negative emotion. Appling the Keys to the feelings of game heroes shows how emotion shifts.

The result of the game is a fundamentally different view of the participants on the nature of negative emotions.

The participants improve their skills of observing emotions and try the Keys for changing of an individual cognitive map. It helps to transform negative emotions into an important resource for life.


Olga Gorbacheva is a psychotherapist with 25 years of experience, an igropractor, and a full member of the OPPL. Moscow, Russia.

The psychological transformational game “Been Lived” (author V. Makhukova) is a group game in which personal stories of each participant are met and their common history is created. The highlight of the game: heroes-characters made by hand from natural materials in the form of dolls-motanka. During the game, participants can understand which behavioral strategies help and are effective, and which hinder the achievement of the goal; realize their beliefs and strategies of behavior, understand how participants cope with life's challenges and difficulties; how to use their strength and resources to achieve a goal; to comprehend what influence the participant has on people and their goals and objectives; understand how to build a harmonious system of relationships with other people.

Transformational game «Liberation»

The transformational game «Liberation» (author A. Zakrevsky) — the basis of the game is a projective technique and storytelling. With the help of game figures, participants explore the resource aspects of the main negative emotions. They learn to recognize them and get the keys to exit negative emotional states. The result of the game is a fundamentally different view of the participants on the nature of negative emotional states. The skill of observing emotions and an approach to transforming emotions into an important resource for life is being formed.


Suvorova Elena Valentinovna — business trainer, psychologist, coach, game-practitioner, expert of motivation and personal performance.Author of the project “YOUR GAME — YOUR TIME” — nominee in the National Psychology Award “Golden Psyche” in 2020.Expert of the programs on Channel One, REN TV, ТVC, MIR ТVl, SpasTV, etc.

The member of International Professional Guild of Psychologists and Game Practitioners (IPGPGP). Moscow,Russia.

The Game “YOUR TIME” allows to run delicate but deep psychotherapeutic work with the unconscious destructive deeply held convictions, fears and other inner psychological restrictions of people in meeting their goals. All the game’s mechanics serve for the main goal which is the highest realization of players’ potentials and its implementation into the real life. This is the only thing which can make a person truly happy and his life to be deeply meaningful.

The Game is useful for psychologists, coaches, consultants, and other specialists.

The Game raises motivation and purposefulness, personal performance and time-management skills.

Thanks to the game you can:

  • discover and update the situations where you lose your time, motivation and other valuable resources;
  • get yourself familiar with the instruments of time-management and implement them into your life immediately;
  • double check your goal, be sure in its propriety and formulate it more precisely;
  • learn to do everything on time and in the best possible way;
  • get the boasting charge of energy and motivation for the realization of your plans;
  • helps to realize one’s destiny and life lessons.
  • The Game “YOUR TIME” is the balanced combination of developmental psychology, deep Vedic knowledge, contemporary psychotherapeutic instruments and time management practice.
  • The use of the game “YOUR TIME” has shown its efficiency in work with any types of clients’ requests.

Key benefits of the game:

  • diagnosticity — allows quickly to identify the theme which needs to be worked at on a first-priority basis;
  • ecological safety — allow gently to work with hard, traumatizing client’s situations happened in the past and their consequences.
  • multipurposeness — give the opportunity to work with any type of client’s requests.
  • Openness — it is possible to integrate with the Game one’s favourite instruments and methods of work with clients.

The value-based approach is realized in the Game — which means that humanistic values are set on the conceptual basis of the Game.


Mashukova Ksenia — HR expert, coach, game practitioner, business trainer, the member of International rofessional Guild of Psychologists and Game Practitioners (IPGPGP). Petrozavodsk, Karelia, Russia.

Transformation and coaching game “YOUR TIME” is a part of the project, which is a nominee in the National Psychology Award “Golden Psyche” in 2020.The author is Mrs. Elena Suvorova.

The game-training is created for work with such themes as time-management, personal performance, self-motivation, achieving goals, search of one’s own assignment.

The game “YOUR TIME” includes diagnostics and work with the unconscious destructive deeply held convictions, images and fears, and also delicate work with psychological traumas and inner self-contradictions, which blockade to have one’s wish, to meet one’s goals and to realize the best strategies

The Game is useful for psychologists, coaches and consultants.


Chugueva Alla Mikhailovna а — the system family psychotherapist, a member of the Society of Family Counselors and Therapists, teacher at MIP, the game practitioner, the author of transformational games, full member of OPPl.Moscow, Russia.

The transformational psychological game “T-Perspective” (authors E. Mikheeva, A. Chugueva, Russia, Moscow) is based on the coaching technique “Wheel of balance”, associative methods and system family therapy. The training will show how with the principle of constructing goals and play game allows you to work with cases where a client can’t make a choice in difficult situation: move to another city / country or not move, divorce with a partner or continue relations, open a new business or expand the old one.

Roll the dice and determine your best future perspective.


Vitolina Elena Vitalevna practicing psychologist since 2004, master of pedagogy, certified coach, self-growth coach and psycho-games master, Honorary member of the psychologist’s society «Psychological club». Saint -Petersburg, Russia.

The author presents a psychological transformation game-practice that works out the ability to transform a dream into a goal and then make real. The game helps to look at our dreams from an unexpected point, to measure the fullness of life, and to understand what you need to go through in detail. During the game, people are working with real goals, plans for the near future and for life. At the end of the game it will be clear to see and to understand that people can achieve everything making certain steps, which ones, you will learn on the game.

Moving about flying elephants just for the few hours, you will understand more than in a few months or years of your life. For those who have never set goals, it will be a great opportunity to learn how to do it. After all, to set a goal — is already a half of win. The game is based on my authorly trainings «This is my best year!» and «Dreams become reality!", and consist of techniques that help a person to find and discover internal reserves to notice new chances that the world constantly provides. The more opportunities we can see around us, the more and easier it is to realize our potential, because success is within us!The game versionison Russian and English.


Svetlana Sergeyevna Sorokina — a family and perinatalpsychologist, art-therapist, life crisis psychologist, working with women and homes being in a state of a reproductive challenge. A hands-on psycho-games master. A member of international nonprofit organisation for reproductive health «Bliss of Going Strong» named after Vera N. Samarina, Saint Petersburg, Russia.

The author of the game is Olga Poma. The specified game is introduced to show up disincentive and moving forward factors and convictions in the lives of people (or families) regarding their natal periods and relations to their significant others. The game could well be used when a business building or a project making is required, where the business or the project is a projection of giving birth to something new and implies psychological readiness to change in the specified area. However, the game should be played separately for such requests.

The «Way to Motherhood» is the first transforming game, deployed to diagnosis if a woman is ready for motherhood and her family in general is ready for a child. It helps to go through puberty rites from a girl to a woman and conceptualize the situations, convictions and developments that hold you up, making easier your way toward all cherished dreams, and those of them that cut you down. The participants explore their capabilities, strategies, convictions and resources, as well as those who know them, their own habits and allegiances. This game is a doorway to the new “you”, toward your dream!


Kovaleva Marina AnatolyevnaMaster of Psychology, Vice President of the Psychologists Game Practitioners International Guild, author of the psychological transformational games «The Planet Needs You!», «TreasuryGuardian», business coach. Tolyatti, Russia.

The game is designed as a comprehensive tool that allows to systematically solve the problem of schoolchildren, students and redefining adult’sprofessional self-determination in a playful way.

The game helps to work out both traditionally career guidance requests and the psychological aspects of choosing a profession (working with fears and doubts, searching for internal and external resources, creating a positive emotional attitude to choose a profession).

The problem of career guidance is an acute for a huge number of people. Currently, it worries not only schoolchildren, who will soon have to make one of the most significant choices in their lives, but also many students who suspect its accuracy; as well as adults who are trying to change their lives for the better.

As practice shows, the career choice issues are so complex because they are connected with all spheres of our life. This makes our requests and expectations conflict and affect the success of the person on a whole.

The game allows participants to gradually, under the guidance of a coach, in a small group (3-6 people) go all the way from awareness of one’s own desires, aspirations, abilities, professional personality type, to understanding the essence of professional activity and the place in the world of professions in general and narrow it down to specifics in a particular case.

The game format helps to easily involve players in the work and make the difficult path of learning fascinating. The planet really needs the game participants since all of them, without exception, have advanced abilities and can become highly qualified specialists in the chosen professional field.

To go all the «hero» way, participants will have to visit each of the 12 spaceship compartments. During the flight on a spaceship everyone has to: deal with their desires, needs, values, abilities; find and join the professional community of people with the same interests, identify fears and doubts that impede being successful; find resources, make a choice of a future profession, build steps to success in mastering a new profession or adapting to an existing one.


The game «Treasury Keeper» allows to work out requests for correction and restoration of deprived or traumatized psychological boundaries of the personality and behavior in conflicts. The work can take place both in an individual and small group (3-6) people format.

The event will be interesting for: specialists with a psychological profile (psychologist, teacher-psychologist, psychotherapist, family psychologist, etc.) who work with relevant requests.

The game helps to participants:

  • To identify conflicting internal attitudes regarding their own psychological boundaries,
  • To analyze typical border protection strategies,
  • To practice in defending themselves, their values and psychological space constructively, confidently and benevolently.

The game is based on the psychological definition of the functions of the boundaries of a person (Levi T.S.) and the concept of sovereignty S.K. Nartova-Bochaver, which identifies six dimensions of the person’s psychological space (their own physical body, territory, personal things (artifacts), time mode (lifestyle), social connections, tastes).

In the game, the sovereign space of a person is metaphorically represented as a treasury, and personal values as wealth stored in a treasury and in need of protection. Guardians, represented by the participants of the game, protect treasures.

Natural disasters led to massive destruction of treasuries. Keepers all the time have to fear for their values, that are not safe right now. There are too many robbers who want to take advantage of the situation and carry away someone else's treasuries. It’s no longer possible to live like this so now Guardians have to rebuild their treasuries by restoring all four walls to protect their treasures.

The walls of the treasury are a symbol of protection in the form of new knowledge about one's own values, protective rules and specific stop phrases that helpto convey the rules to the borders’ “violators”.

Players get the roles of their own treasuries Guardians and territories. They choose the image of the Guardian which they like (there are chips of different types of Guardians) and the values that they will protect. They will build their own treasury and interact with each other.

The defense force of Treasury is rated by other Guardians. They can (optionally) send a gift for a strong rule or leave the mark “Trail of the violator” if the Guardian themselves began to violate someone’s borders.

The game ends with the opening of the Valley of Treasures in a new form and introduction of the Guardians in a new image.


Shvets Ekaterina Malikovna — psychologist, aromapsychologist, art therapist, specialist in neuro graphics, member of the OPPL, specialist in MAC, author of two aroma decks essential Keys and Essential oils. Moscow, Russia.

Game training «Feelings and Aromas» is an introduction to essential oils during the game using an associative test and author's Metaphorical aroma charts.

At the master class, you will get acquainted with aromas that are designed to correct psychoemotional States. Pass the olfactory test and diagnostics on the itovi device.

If desired, an individual signature fragrance is created. There will also be two decks of Aroma cards and ways to work with them.


Vasina Elizaveta V. — psychologist, specialist in aromapsychology®, working with metaphorical associative maps, fairy tale therapy. Radio journalist of Internet radio »Dialog". Member of The International Professional Association of Psychologists. Member of The International Professional Guild of Psychologist Game Practitioner. Oncopsychologist of the charity project O. P. O. R. A.-psychological rehabilitation of seriously ill patients, their relatives and health workers. Odintsovo, Russia.

The game «MACAROMA» is based on the author's method of BioACP — testing (psyhology) by Ph. D. Irisova O. A., CA «Iris», and the author's method of LitoaromatherapyIrisov D. E., CA «Iris», using metaphorical associative maps of «MACAROMA», minerals, essential oils. The connection of the psycho-emotional state of a person with essential oils has developed evolutionarily, over thousands of years of life on our planet. This relationship has been studied by modern science: biology, anthropology, psychology, specialists in the field of bioenergetics and vibrational medicine.

The game may be conducted only with the metaphorical associative maps of «of MACARONA».

What prevents a person from achieving life's goals, and what can help? Who can answer more correctly than the questioner? But the answer is not always in the realm of consciousness. We address the unconscious using the projective techniques of psychology: metaphorical associative maps created for this game by the method of synesthesia.

The playing field is a metaphor for human life, related to its main aspects: body, tone and will, relaxation, emotional and spiritual stability, and adaptive mechanisms. With the help of biolocation, the player receives a response from the energy centers-projections of the main life systems associated with psycho-emotional blocks.

During the game, an aroma key is created to solve the tasks that the player is currently facing, and a map is a study of his life strategy. The degree of its effectiveness is determined, changes and adjustments are made.

The game combines several modalities: sense of smell, visual, kinesthetic sensations. Passing successively through the proposed fields of the game-the player gives a response to the metaphorical cards that fell to him or to the flavors, the principle of approval or rejection of the smell.

The game helps you see problem areas, blind spots, negative patterns, repressed events and feelings, current needs and resource areas, areas of life.

Based on the response, an aroma key to the resource state is compiled. An understanding of how to implement an effective life strategy based on your potential is formed.


Anna Nikitina Psychologist, Art therapist, member of PPL Russia and International Professional Guild of Psychologists Game Practitioners. Moscow, Russia.

The transformational game The Web is based on the role model of the Karpman drama triangle, which reflects the essence of co-dependent relationships — the pathological state of a strong emotional, social and psychological dependency on another person.

During the game, participants act out each of the three roles of the triangle: a victim, a rescuer, a persecutor. They monitor manifestation of these roles in their lives, learn new ways of behavior, clarify their feelings and needs, form strategies to achieve their goals, and receive friendly support.


Kiseleva Ella Lvovna — psychologist, trainer, game practitioner, member of the International Guild of Psychologists Game Practitioners, head of the Children's Academy of Success, author of a family-friendly training book «For traveling to the Magistorium», co-author of the game «Magistorium-University of Happiness and Wisdom». Moscow, Russia.

"Magistorium" is a family counseling coach game that develops awareness, emotional intelligence, open listening, positive and critical thinking, visualization and planning skills. During the game, participants are invited to go through the «hero's path» through obstacles, see new opportunities and plan steps to the dream, create their own day of happiness first in the imagination, and then transfer it to reality!

During the game, the participant falls into the “Magistorium” — the library of the University of Wisdom, in which one can comprehend the wisdom of the world. 8 faculties, 8 decks of cards with literary quotes, reflecting different areas of life, will allow you to consider any life situation from different angles. It uses quotes from classical Russian literature, contemporary foreign literature, and children's literature.

8 decks of cards with literary quotes or proverbs of the peoples of the world, reflecting different areas of life, will allow you to consider any life situation from different angles.

Passing through the game, everyone receives quotes and the participant will have to learn to recognize the «crystals of wisdom», draw his own conclusions, make decisions, confidently uphold his position, be steady during constructive comments, respond adequately to the success of his comrades, and draw lessons from mistakes.

Each participant becomes a writer, who, as a result of inspiration, at the end comes up with a plan for the day of his exciting life, a parable for a book from which the history of the world is written. This is a magic book. Everyone has the opportunity to write in her their «happiest day»

The game legend and the setting of the game allow you to make the introspection process exciting, understandable for the guys. The game is available from 8 years of age. Used in the psychological and pedagogical service of schools in Moscow.


Eremina Margarita psychologist, art therapist, isotherapist, Psychologist Game Practitioner, NLP practitioner, a member of the International Psychological Guild of Psychologists of Game Practitioners. Moscow,Russia.

Dvoynikova Elena artist, art therapist, energy therapist, Psychologist Game Practitioner, a member of the International Psychological Guild of Psychologists of Game Practitioners. Moscow,Russia.

The authors of the game are Margarita Eremina and Elena Dvoynikova.

"ART&facts" is a desktop therapeutic game, an art platform for teaching self-knowledge techniques using art therapy methods. The game incorporates the concept of “Psychosynthesis” by R. Assagioli and the model of self-knowledge of J. Lift and H. Inham.

The game runs from the periphery to the center of the disc in 4 sectors responsible for sensations, feelings, thoughts and actions, and in 4 levels on the path to personal integration.

The game is fascinating, bright in form and deep in content.

The game was created for: psychologists and those who are looking for creative solutions to life problems, striving for emotional balance and harmonious development.


Seliverstova Tatyana — Practicing psychologist, Member of International Professional Guild of Psychologists Game Practitioners, Member of Baltic Association of Transactional Analysis, Games Creator, Games and workshops Trainer, Author of the Educational Professional Course“Game Practitioner’s Suitcase”. SaintPetersburg, Russia.

We cannot truly identify ourselves without considering our parents and predecessors. We need to learn how to use inherited resources and to find our birthright place in the family. Also it is important to keep the individuality after becoming a part of something great. Playing the “Heritage” game we determine our place, receive family’s resources and learn to choose strategies which would help us to be happy in our lives.
Imagine: there are myriad of people standing behind you, they are willing to support you, give you strength, wellness and resources. There are at least 126 people in 7 generations, whose blood runs through your veins. Descendants always get only the best by heritage, the best of what the family could experience and pass it to you. Our heritage consists of not only material wealth but also survival strategies, traditions, beliefs, fears and etc. Our predecessors pass their whole life experience as the innermost gift since the family has two main purposes: developing and preserving.
Yet the same things which helped our ancestors to survive may restrict us.
Without evident reasons we can have unusual feelings, do something what we don't want and don't need to do. It happens and we don't understand why. The game can answer this question. Playing the game we see which inherited strategies help us and which ones restrict.
When you inherit something you always have a choice: to accept it gratefully or to refuse. The choice you make will have an impact on your descendant's lives.
The game gives a feeling of acceptance and support by our family.
It will be interesting to everyone who is ready to get to know their predecessors and to take the birthright place.
The aim of the game is to come into the world, take the birthright place in the family we belong to and to be given the resources by the predecessors.


Relationship is not a simple thing. We can’t live without it, can we? The problem is after getting negative or traumatic experience we have difficulties in building up almost all kinds of relationship: family, partnership, friendship and love relationship. In this game we determine what prevents us from having healthy relationships and what rules we can create to maintain happiness in our relationships.
Building different kinds of relationships we often face with difficulties. Illusions, painful baggage of the past, unmet needswhich we expect to be met by someone else… All these things may lead us to the trap. Also there are cases, when we cannot be ourselves and it happens when we have some secondary benefits which push us into relationships or we simply play roles in the beginning.
As a result we have tough, traumatic relationships, and then it leads to the point when we don’t want to form and have any of kind of connection at all.
Meanwhile only relationships allow you to tell the real person you are. It looks like a partner dance. That’s why it’s so crucial to learn to listen to a partner, understand and feel each other.
There are different levels in the game. Every player will have his own path of his healthy relationship. One can reach the direct way only after maintaining inner balance and being true to oneself. Only then we are able to see the personality of our partner. When it happens we create our own rules of partnership, which work for this very relationship and increase strength and energy instead of taking them away.
Aim of the game: maintain balance in resources after undergoing challenges; create one’s own rules of partnership and maintain unconditional love.


Timofeeva Olga Vyacheslavovna — economist, master of business administration, master of management; author of the game «Elemental of the 7»; director of “Stroiactive» LLC, co-director of the «Balance4life project»; business consultant in pricing, sales development, marketing strategy, expert in category and brand management, game-trainer for: «balance for life», «cashflow», «business model building», supervisor for startups and new enterpreneurs, the organizer of the Minifest «T-games for increasing your life!». Moscow, Russia.

The author 's psychological game-diagnostics is presented, consisting of a combination of unique and common techniques, helping a person to realize and confess to the availability of resources for achievement, to share his intuition, to accept desire and to create intention to improve his life. The clearer a person realizes his personal space and information intended for him, the faster he will be able to reveal his labor, personal and spiritual potential.

The game is about learning how to listen to yourself, listen to the world around you, and effectively manage the personal balance in life, consciously improving the quality of life. In order to improve the quality of their lives, it is enough to understand parts of it, and to give an objective assessment of the level of deployment of these parts. The game is built on an irrational one — involving streaming state, relaxation and pleasure, and on a rational one that is included in the second phase of the game and allows the articulation of intent and an acute desire to act to work out a personal task during the time after the game. The «Elemental» player gives an opportunity, playing, to create a series of triggers that trigger the process of working out a personal task and reach another stage in any sphere of life!


Lazareva Lada Igorevna — psychologist, certifiedtutor, regional expert of the interregional tutor’s association, the chief executive of«Nash Lad» educational opportunity centre, the head of tutor service in «LADьЯ» educational opportunity academy. Moscow, Russia.

Author of the game — LadaLazareva. Thegameisforadult sand for kids above three years old.It is aimed to help in understanding of personal meanings,values, search of individual ways of achieving educational goals appropriate for the educational environment. Game scenarios are designed not only for different age groups, but also for mixed age groups, which helps to use it for mixed age groups and for families.

During the game session players get the opportunity to state their interests, findsomekind of personalmotivation, experiment with educational strategies and create a personal compass map for navigation in the “sea” of possible opportunities. Thankstogamesituations “scaryuncertainty” transformsinto “hiddenopportunities”.The mechanic of the game requires to realize one’s personal interests and the ways of achieving them.At the same time, it is necessary to be able to show one’s personal motives and realizations to others, to find common grounds and to look for productive ways of interaction. As a result,players get not only some personal discoveries, butalsoexperienceofsharingthemwithothers, transformation and proving them to themselves and to the community in the circumstances of constant change and different social and educational resources.

Thetrainingwillbeinterestingfor:coaches, mentors, professionalconsultants, psychologists, tutors, specialists in tutoring of their clients, who are in self-determination process. Also,for people who are looking for their own professional and educational paths in the world of educational opportunities.


Novikova Marina Lvovna — Clinical Psychologist. The author of two diagnostic games «I want to become a mother» and «I am a teenager.» Graduate student of MOSGU. Member of the All-Russian Professional Psychotherapeutic League. Member of the professional guild of psychologists and game practitioners.

Author of books: Awareness from childhood, or How to instill financial literacy in a child; Social policy of the company; Affirmations and mandalas. Pregnancy.Moscow, Russia.

Prenatal game. The game quickly and effectively helps circumvent the patient’s defenses and, after the first session, provide resources to overcome fears and negative attitudes. Women suffering from idiopathic infertility often despair or, on the contrary, get hung up on the idea of pregnancy. The game allows you to quickly identify (from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours) the main framework of the problems. Already in the process of the game, therapeutic work is going on and at the end of the game a woman (with the help of a specialist) has a clear personal plan of action and a plan for further interaction with a psychologist.


The game allows parents to find a common language with teenagers. The teenager is to realize his fears, find resources to overcome these fears. Parents — remember themselves as a teenager, plunge into the world of emotions and take resources from their teenage period. The game allows you to see the perspective of your development, to understand that the world does not just consist of its teenage inner world, to broaden your horizons and understand your parent, which is important in the teenage period.


Sokolova Daria Vladimirovna — clinical psychologist, perinatal psychologist, crisis psychologist, game practitioner, medical psychologist. St. Petersburg.

The game «ProBirth» is a model of life in which the participant can lose the process of achieving the desired future and realize what to do in order to; to be happy, healthy, give birth to a desired child and create favorable conditions for its development, to have a trusting and safe relationship with oneself, loved ones and the world around them, start a new business, build harmonious relationships with a man, etc.

Three levels are involved in the game: bodily, conscious and unconscious.

The game helps the person himself in a safe space to gently and carefully touch both the restrictions and the resources necessary for the change he wants. Each participant in the game will receive a resource from female archetypal images — Goddesses of various pantheons, learn how to accept it and be in the stream of female energy, and also receive resources in the form of «Gifts» for the realization of her intention.

The purpose of the game, depending on the request of the participant: formation of our own model of resource motherhood; formation of our own model of the resource future; the formation of a resource image of yourself.


Markova Oksana Vladimirovna — perinatal psychologist, businesscouch, coauthorofthegamePerinataliya. Moscow, Russia.

The game is designed specifically for preparation for pregnancy and childbirth, prevention of maternal burnout, preparation of the couple for the role of parents, work with the basic position «I am the world,»correction of the parental position,work with problems of relations (child — parental, partner). We all come from childbearing, experience of our own birth, parenting, familyandsocietyistheinfluencethatshapesourpersonalityandourlifescenarios. Sometimes, to understand why difficulties arise in the present,it is enough torethink once again thepast experience and the game «PerinataliYa» is a great tool for this.

The event will be interesting for: a wideaudience.

It's a game about yourself, about the importance of a parental role in a person 's life.

Trace the evolution of personality starting from conception, live difficult and tipping moments and take from there a resourceforreallife.

For whom this those who wants to understand himself. Suits women and men, people to planning pregnancy, pregnant women,any person who wants to research what his reactions aredictated past and perhaps are not relevant and harmful anymore and what lead to harmony and joy.

During the game, the participant walks along the field with a chip getting on the moves — fiducial points of the life path, discussing his experience, looking for deep meanings and finding their source that gave him this situation in life. The game uses metaphorical associative maps, art methods.

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