9th World Congress for Psychotherapy 2020
9th World Congress
for Psychotherapy
"Children, Society and Future – the Planet of Psychotherapy"
June 24-27, 2021
Moscow, Russia

Ilona ROMANOVA (Russia)

Ilona Romanova is psychologist, psychotherapist, supervisor. She specializes in psychodrama, cognitive-behavioral therapy, family therapy. She provides consultative and psychotherapeutic help on adaptation issues, advises families, leads therapeutic and training groups in the Russian Federation, near and far abroad. She European certificate of psychotherapist.

Ilona E. Romanova graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy of the Ural State University of M. Gorky in 1983, and full-time graduate school in the Urals State University in 1994, where in 1995 she was awarded the degree of Candidate of Philosophy, and in 2004 she also was awarded the academic title of Associate Professor of Social Psychology.

Ilona Romanova started her education in psychotherapy, as well as her personal therapy, in 1993, attending various courses, conferences, trainings and therapeutic groups. In her professional activities, she combined teaching, advisory and psychotherapeutic work.

In 1995, she underwent vocational training at the Faculty of Post Graduated Training of Medicins of the Sverdlovsk State Medical Institute under the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation at the course «Psychology of Personality and Psychotherapy» and retraining at the Institute of Retraining and Advanced Studies at the Ural State University, specialization — «Social Psychology». In 1999 she graduated from the Institute of Psychodrama and Role Training (full member of FEPTO) in Moscow and she was certified as a psychodramatrist, group therapist, sociometrist. In 2001, a one-year retraining took place at the same institute under the specialization program «Organizational Consulting and Training in Business», and was awarded the qualification «Trainer-Consultant in the Field of Practical Psychology». Certificates on psychodrama Moreno Institut (Uberlingen), Psychodrama-Institut fur Evropa E.V (Hannover), South Russian Humanitarian Institute.

In 2011-2014 she studied at the Milan School of System Family Therapy of Mary SelviniPalazzoli, in 2014-2016 she was trained in the international program «Diagnostic and Therapy of Trauma» (Israel).

From 1994 to 1999 — Ilona was a member of the Ural Association of Psychotherapy and Psychosomatic Medicine. In 1999, she joined the Professional Psychotherapeutic League, in 2005, she was re-registered as a full member of PPL. In 2008, she was granted the status of an official teacher of the international level. Accredited as a supervisor and personal therapist. Currently Ilona is the leader of the modality of Psychodrama.

A famous teacher of higher education. For many years, Ilona combined the work as the chair of social psychology department at the Humanitarian University of Yekaterinburg with teaching in other universities. She is the author of educational programs and manuals on psychology and psychotherapy. Her lectures and trainings arouse constant interest of specialists in the field of mental health. Ilona conducts training and supervisory programs on psychodrama in Yekaterinburg, Perm, Moscow, Pyatigorsk and Rostov-on-Don.

Ilona Romanova is tireless popularizer of psychological knowledge, researcher and organizer. Permanent trainer and organizer of creative workshops and other activities at the decadniks ("ten-day training marathons") and Congresses of PPL, Moscow Psychodrama Conference, member of the Program Committee and Directorate of the International Scientific and Practical Conference on Psychodrama and Sociometry «Moreno-Festival» in Rostov-on-Don and the International Festival on Psychotherapy and practical psychology of the Stavropol Regional Psychoanalytic Association «Holy Meetings». In 2004 Ilona was awarded the honorary title «Moreno-festival coach», at the international scientific and practical conference on psychodrama and sociometry «Moreno-festival», she also was awarded prizes in professionally significant nominations «Master of the senses» and «Genius of enlightenment», «Virtuoso of practice» by the decision of the jury of the international festival of psychotherapy and practical psychology «Holy Meetings».

The organizer and inspirer of the supervisory program of professional support «Russian project by Ilona Romanova», which permits to realize unique programs of retraining of psychologists and psychotherapists.

The author of several methods of psychotherapy. At the Pan-Asian Congress in Yekaterinburg, she presented the author's model of using the psychodrama techniques with toys in psychotherapy of children and their parents. The presentation of this author's model is reflected in a number of articles published in domestic and foreign publications.

In 2012, together with E. Klimova, Ilona became the co-author of the psychotherapeutic method »Integrative-metaphoric therapy", recognized by the author's product, and she got the author's certificate for it.

In co-authorship with O.V. Bermant-Polyakova, in 2017, Ilona published a monograph «People and Fates. Sondiana in psychological counseling», which outlines a new approach to family counseling and a number of authoring techniques. The book was nominated in the national contest «Golden Psyche».

The author of 73 works, including 10 manuals and 4 collective monographs.

She was awarded with diplomas of the Ministry of General and Professional Education of the Sverdlovsk Region for her personal contribution to the creation of teaching aids and for success in organizing and improving the educational process.

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