9th World Congress for Psychotherapy 2020
9th World Congress
for Psychotherapy
"Children, Society and Future – the Planet of Psychotherapy"
June 24-27, 2021
Moscow, Russia

Inna SILENOK (Russia)

Is a psychologist, business supervisor, master NLP, Vice-President, member and teacher of the international level of the Russian professional psychotherapeutic League, the leader of the Committee of the psychological volunteering and volunteering OPPL, Vice-President of the Russian Council for psychotherapy and counselling, Director of the Center for psychology and business consulting «Logos», psychotherapist of the Uniform register of professional psychotherapists of Europe, and one of the world register of psychotherapists.

Leader of the Krasnodar regional public organization for the intercommunion of veterans and young people «Unity of generations», throughout 9 years leader of the organizing committees of 7 annual regional creative competitions, which were organized at the expense of city and regional grants.

Within the framework of her professional activity she also conducting psychological and business seminars and trainings, psychological counseling and psychological correction? organization and conduct of psychological programs for children and adults. Author of more than 200 articles and 2 psychological books «Magic truths of education» and « Magic truths. Allowance for parents.» Published the author's licensed video disc «Training of sales with techniques and models of NLP.» author's licensed audio disc «Therapeutic trances». For many years he leads the author's children's musical and psychological camp «Planet of dreams», author's programs" Generative approach to work with children and parents", «Musical improvisation as a method of psychological assistance». She wrote more than 20 scripts for children's musicals and staged it within the framework of her author's program «Planet pf dreams», wrote the script, music and realized on the big stage children's musical «Kuban is the childhood’s holiday», dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the Krasnodar region (72 children played in the musical), it was watched by more than 3000 children.

Within the framework of public activities since 2008, annually in spring and autumn organizes and conducts Russian and International scientific and practical conferences, competitions, decade on psychotherapy, practical and consultative psychology in the Southern Federal region of the Russian Federation.

In 2015 organized the international Congress and decade In the Crimea. As part of the work of the Committee on psychological volunteering and volunteerism OPPL she organized psychological volunteer centers in 17 cities of Russia. Now these centers popularize the profession of psychologist and psychotherapist, provides free psychological help, in emergency mode works in a team with psychologists of emergency and psychologists of operational headquarters, which provides psychological assistance to victims. (Also, the work in elimination the consequences of the Crimean tragedy, the terrorist attacks in Volgograd, work around the country with people from Ukraine). Annually the Committee conducts nearly 70 activities in popularization psychologist’s and psychotherapist’s profession. Seven years she conducts a free reception in the public reception of the party «UNITED RUSSIA», and as a psychologist conducts a reception of citizens who have made an appointment to the leader of the Krasnodar. She published 12 scientific collections «Annex to the Russian journal «Psychotherapy»» and was a literary editor of this journal from 2008 to 2016.

She organizes and conducts the international psychological volunteer action «Support heroic Donbass»/ She travels to Donbass with a team of volunteer psychologists and provides psychological assistance to children and civilians of the DNR/ She trained more than 200 specialists — psychologists of Donbass, organized a volunteer psychologists’ daily reception in the building of the DNR government and administrations of municipalities of Donbass. Constantly collects and monthly sends humanitarian help to Donbass, released international poetry collections «Soul of Donbass», «Life as a feat», «My land, I save you», « Live people in joy. Our professions are in poems and prose.»

Member of the «UNITED RUSSIA» party since 2010. Leader of the Committee on Patriotic, aesthetic and moral education of citizens of the political Council of the Krasnodar local branch of the party «UNITED RUSSIA». Coordinator of two party’s projects: Federal « Older generation »and local «Unity of generations». Within the framework of socio-political activities organizes and conducts annually festivals and competitions: «I sing for you, my Kuban», «Poet and citizen», «Love all ages obedient», «Childhood’s Holiday», «Heroes of Afghanistan», concerts and celebration for veterans and youth «Songs of our youth», «Waltzes of my youth», «Let's Talk to my mother», «Our beautiful peaceful space», «We are the Future of Russia» and many others/ (nearly 60 events in year). More than 1000 people (up to 5000 people) take part in festivals and competitions, 200-300 people take part in holidays.

Organized and held from the OPPL she organized and conducted: the first international Congress of helping professions in Krasnodar, 7 Congresses of psychologists and psychotherapists of the Southern Federal district, 9 Decades of professional counseling and psychotherapy in Anapa, 4 Decades in the Crimea, 5 Competitions of young psychologists, 4 volunteer forum, more than 10 scientific and practical conferences.

Within the framework of her creative activity she wrote more than 200 songs and romances, played and recorded video of more than 800 piano improvisations. Recorded and published licensed audio discs «My Russia. Songs and romances», « Facets of meaning. Author's piano music», « Star sieve. Songs», «Again I say with help of music», «The echo of the war. Songs about the Great Patriotic war». Published books of poems «The sky in the color of mint»," In the world a lot of suns"," How to learn what is the kindness", two-volume poems «If you are an artist».

She released musical song collections of Kuban authors: «My Krasnodar, I praise you in the song», «Victory wreath», «I sing for you, my Kuban».

According to the results of the regional competitions, she published collections of works by the winners: «With faith in victory», prose about the role of the Orthodox Church during the Great Patriotic war and poems’ collection «Heroic Kuban» and «I am a librarian».

The main thing of her professional activity the help to people in finding of harmony with itself and the world, establishment of constructive relations in a family and at work, achievement of success in professional activity. As well as the organization of constructive interaction of psychologists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, narcologists and neurologists to exchange experiences for popularization of healthy lifestyles and family values.

She was awarded more than 100 thanks letters for the last 5 years and 11 medals: «For contribution to the development of psychotherapy in Russia and in the world», «For contribution to the veteran movement, »Homeland, honor, valor, courage", «200 years since the birth of M. Yu. Lermontov», «Fidelity to the house of Romanov», «For bravery», «For contribution to Patriotic, aesthetic and moral education» and has award mark «Defender of the Fatherland Marshal Zhukov».

Award of the Public Council with the Governor of the Krasnodar region «Philanthropist of the year» in 2016, 2017, 2018. The 1st place in MO city Krasnodar for the best articles about creative activities of the military-media and military-Patriotic work’s month. In 2018 she got the 3rd place in the region by the end of the month of the military-media and military-Patriotic work.

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