9th World Congress for Psychotherapy 2020
9th World Congress
for Psychotherapy
"Children, Society and Future – the Planet of Psychotherapy"
June 24-27, 2021
Moscow, Russia

Liudmila TROYAN (Russia)

Doctor of Natural Sciences, president of Benevolent Fund of L.P. Troyan “ECOLOGY OF THOUGHT”, head of regional branch of Professional Psychotherapeutic League of Russia (PPL) “The Knowledge System of ECOLOGY OF THOUGHT”, certified personal therapist of the PPL, full member of PPL.

In 1974 L.P. Troyan graduated from Tomsk State University with major in applied mathematics and worked at the computer centres of Tyumen, Omsk as a programmer and head of department.

1994. Omsk. Started foundation of the Russian psychological school The Knowledge System of ECOLOGY OF THOUGHT by L. P. Troyan (KSET by L. P. Troyan).

1998. Moscow. Graduated from Academy of practical psychology of Lomonosov Moscow State University.

1999. Moscow. Second edition of the book by L.P. Troyan “ECOLOGY OF THOUGHT on Immortality” in Russian and English languages.

In 2002 L.P. Troyan defended her doctoral thesis on “Resources and intuitive possibilities of human body in the transformation of geopathogenic zones” based on The Knowledge System of ECOLOGY OF THOUGHT in the Omsk branch of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. It allows in the specific cases under the integrated approach in counseling to use transformation of geopathogenic zones of geopathogenic flows on the territories of office building and houses of frequent usage.

In 2005 she got a degree in Master of Business Administration (MBA), after graduation from the Faculty of Corporate Management, The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation.

In 2006 during the XIII International Science and Research Conference “ECOLOGY OF THOUGHT on geopathogenic zones, tornadoes, volcanoes” (San-Paulo, Brazil) L. P. Troyan made the report on the basis of her 5 years of research, that resulted in the new outlook on the new model of human organism.

2007. Ekaterinburg. IV Pan-Asian Congress for Psychotherapy and Counseling. Lyudmila Petrovna Troyan was awarded the title of a Queen of the 1st PPL Ball by the recognition of the active ball participants.

2008. Moscow. Under the editorship of L. P. Troyan, the anniversary book The Knowledge System of ECOLOGY OF THOUGHT was published in Russian and English languages.

Lyudmila Petrovna Troyan’s professional activities include holding consultations, trainings and courses, thematic projects and laboratories, monthly international lecturers and annual conferences, preparation for PPL certification of personal therapist and supervisors, charity for the like-minded benevolent funds:

— BENEVOLENT FUND of L.P. Troyan “ECOLOGY OF THOUGHT”, 2004, Moscow, Russia;

— Non-profit organization «Okologie des Gedankens nach L. P. Troyan», 2007, Magdeburg, Germany;

— Local benevolent fund «ECOLOGY OF THOUGHT under L. P. Troyan’s System», 2009, Minks, Belarus;


— Mariupol City Benevolent fund «KNOWLEDGE SYSTEM OF ECOLOGY OF THOUGHT BY L. P. TROYAN», 2010, Mariupol, Ukraine;

— Charity organization «Knowledge System of ECOLOGY OF THOUGHT BY L. P. TROYAN», 2010, Kiev, Ukraine.

Lyudmila Petrovna Troyan holds charity actions for colleagues-psychologies, who work in the kindergartens, secondary schools, psychological centres for children in Moscow, Omsk, Murmansk, Simferopol, town of Stroitel, Minsk and other cities.

The desire to see the citizens of Russia healthy, spiritually uplifting, prosperous brings the inspiration to such abundant work.

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