9th World Congress for Psychotherapy 2020
9th World Congress
for Psychotherapy
"Children, Society and Future – the Planet of Psychotherapy"
June 24-27, 2021
Moscow, Russia

Mikhail BURNYASHEV (Russia)

Ph.D., Corresponding Member International Academy of Psychological Sciences. One of the founders and director of the Institute of Consulting and System Solutions (ICSS, Moscow). A practicing clinical psychologist, system therapist, organizational consultant, has been consulting since 1991. A pioneer of system-phenomenological psychotherapy (counseling) and a leading specialist in systemic constellations in Russia and the near abroad.

• A leading regular client group on systemic constellations “Crises of Love”, since 1999, has conducted more than 20,000 client works (systemic constellations).

• Author of the psychotherapeutic and consulting direction “Systematic work with unconscious and client-centered constellations”.

• Organizer of Eurasian congresses on systemic alignments in Russia “Connecting East and West” (Moscow-Chelyabinsk-Irkutsk-Vladivostok, 2007), “Time for Change” (Moscow, 2011), “Heart of Siberia” (Novosibirsk, 2014). Co-organizer of the first Ukrainian conference and the first Ukrainian congress «Rhodesvit» (Kiev, 2012, 2013).

• International teacher on system-phenomenological psychotherapy (counseling) and systemic constellations, has been teaching systemic constellations since 1999. Supervisor of system-phenomenological psychotherapy and systemic constellations.

• Leading long-term and short-term training programs: «Systemic Family Therapy», «Systemic Therapy and Counseling», «Systematic Phenomenological Psychotherapy (Counseling) and Family Constellations», «Systemic Work in Organizations and Organizational Constellations», «Working with Symptoms somatic and psychosomatic diseases and symptomatic constellations”, “Structural constellations and constellations of internal parts”, “Systematic work with unconscious and client-centered constellations”, “Professional course Mastery of Practice for Practitioners of Tenorists (Master Course on System Constellations)”. Held over 500 vocational training workshops on system-phenomenological psychotherapy (counseling) and systemic constellations.

• Organizer of training programs »Systemic Therapy and Counseling", «Systemic Phenomenological Approach and Family Constellations», «Counseling and Therapeutic Work with Couples», «Systemic Organizational Work and Organizational Constellations», «Structural Constellations and Constellations of Internal Parts», «System Coaching», «Systemic Development of Organizations», «Systemic Placements in Individual Counseling», «Trauma and Trauma Therapy», «Systemic Sexual Therapy», «Systemic Dependency Therapy», «Mediation», «Integrative Trauma-Oriented Placement Work », etc. in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, the Baltic States.

• Full member of PPL, in the committee of modalities (methods) of psychotherapy and counseling PPL heads the direction “Systematic phenomenological psychotherapy and counseling, system constellations”. Member of the Central Council of the PPL.

• Publisher and scientific editor of the book series «Systemic Therapy and Counseling», publisher of the series «Texts of Transpersonal Psychology» and «All Psychotherapy and Practical Psychology». He published more than 400 books in various areas of psychology and psychotherapy.


• Moscow Power Engineering Institute, specialty — Radio engineer.
• Higher School of Psychology at the Institute of Psychology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, specialty — Psychology.
• Russian State Medical University, specialty — Clinical Psychology.
• Transpersonal Institute (Moscow), specialty — Transpersonal Psychology.
• Munich Institute for Systemic Family Therapy (Germany), specialty — Systemic Family Psychology and Psychotherapy.
• Wiesloch Institute for System Solutions (WISL, Germany), specialties — System-phenomenological approach and family constellations, Organizational constellations, Systemic therapy and counseling, Therapy and couple counseling, Trauma therapy.
• Institute of Systems Practice, Constellations and Reconstruction (APSYS, Austria), specialty — Structural Constellations and Constellations of Internal Parts.
• Institute of Sexual Therapy Heidelberg (ISH, Germany), specialty — Systemic Sexual Therapy.

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