First Intercontinental Extraterritorial Congress
First Intercontinental Extraterritorial Congress
«Planet of Psychotherapy»
Children. Family. Society. Future.
2022 21-26

Congress events formats

First Intercontinental Extraterritorial Congress «Planet of Psychotherapy 2022: Children. Family. Society. Future»

June 23-26, 2022

 Congress events formats

Inter-Modalities events:

Congress Lecture — a one hour lecture for all participants of the Congress, regardless of modality. The topic of the lecture should be relevant to psychotherapy in general.

Congress Debate — properly organized structured public exchange of thoughts, debate between two or more parties on topics relevant to representatives of different modalities of psychotherapy. In this form of debate the participants are intended to convince the audience rather than each other. In a debate, the facilitator helps to clearly distinguish and oppose positions.

In-Modality events:

A Conference is a structural part of the Congress that bring together specialists of one particular modality. The Conference may include panels, round tables, debates, posters, workshops.

Conference panel. The Conference may contain panels where the results of scientific work are presented in oral form. Panels do not involve public discussion. After the presentations, interested parties may discuss privately topics of interest with the speakers.

Conference roundtable is a forum where specialists can share their thoughts on a specific topic. The roundtable is intended to provide all participants with the opportunity to present their viewpoints on the problem under discussion. Roundtable participants not only present their ideas but also they are encouraged to provide the feedback to their colleagues' presentations, exchange remarks, and clarify the positions. During the roundtable the people have the opportunity to look at the subject of discussion from different angles. This format provides a chance to see, hear and even feel what other participants think on a given topic. Roundtables are facilitated by a moderator.

Conference debate is a clearly structured and specially organized public exchange of thoughts, debate between two or more parties on topics that are relevant for a particular modality of psychotherapy. This kind of public dispute implies that the parties' positions apparently differ in a certain aspect. The debate moderator helps parties to clearly distinguish and oppose their positions. The debate participants are supposed to convince rather the audience than each other.

Conference poster — written presentation of results of scientific work in particular modality on a stand of a certain size. During the presentation the author is supposed to answer the questions of the audience.

Conference workshop is a practical demonstration of new developments in a particular modality of psychotherapy. A workshop may be held in the form of a small therapeutic group. A workshop can also be a supervision of the practical work of participants.

Conference seminar is a practical demonstration and discussion of new developments in a specific field of psychotherapy. The seminar implies that not only speaker but also the participants prepare for discussion.

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