First Intercontinental Extraterritorial Congress
First Intercontinental Extraterritorial Congress
«Planet of Psychotherapy»
Children. Family. Society. Future.
2022 21-26

Scientific program 2022

June 23-26, 2022


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Precongress conferences:

  • Fundamental round table «Psychotherapy of the main challenges of modern times»
  • Fundamental round table «Outcomes and consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic»



Round table discussions:

  • Fundamental round table «Psychotherapy of the main challenges of modern times»
  • Fundamental round table «Outcomes and consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic»
  • Fundamental round table «Overcoming Russophobia»
  • Round table «Neurolinguistic Psychotherapy»
  • Round table «Education in psychotherapy»
  • Round table «Round dance as a psycho-social practice»
  • Round tables within the framework of conferences, symposiums, panel sessions: “Don’t panic” — psychotherapeutic aid to clients with panic attacks, Existential psychotherapy, Psychoorganic analysis, Religiously oriented psychotherapy, Spiritually oriented psychotherapy, Supervision in psychotherapy and counseling


  • “Spiritually Oriented Psychotherapy”
  • “Integrated Short-Term Therapy For Traumas And Symptoms Of The Individual, Family, Organisation, Group Or Society”
  • “Training Therapy”: Psychological Wellbeing In Times Of Uncertainty
  • “Psychotherapy Of Pain”
  • “Psychotherapy Of Healthy People In The Era Of Change: From Conception To Advanced Years”
  • XXIX International Science And Research Conference “The Knowledge System Of Ecology Of Thought by L.P. Troyan In Life Evolution On The Earth”
  • “A Human Being Among People: Relational Approach In Gestalt Therapy”
  • International conference “Existential Tradition”
  • Fourth Joint Scientific And Practical Conference “Psychotherapy And Consolation By Philosophy”


  • “Integrated Spiritually-Oriented Approach To Working With Severe Psychosomatic Disorders And Oncology”
  • “Integral Neuroprogramming” Version 4.0
  • “Intergative Process In Psychotherapy, Practical Psychology And Coaching, Multimodal Psychotherapy”
  • “Transgenerational Relations And Civilizational Challenges”
  • “Perinatal Psychology, Psychopathology And Psychotherapy In Russia: Aiding Families, Children, Society”
  • “Positive Dynamic Psychotherapy”
  • “Understanding A Man In The Philosophical-Theological Context Of Religious-Oriented Psychotherapy”
  • “Family And Spousal Psychotherapy And Ecology Of Family And Childhood”
  • “Supervision In Psychotherapy And Counceling”
  • “Transmodal Subject Analysis And Psychotherapy Of Territorial Problems, Events And Sovereignty”
  • “Achievements And Perspectives Of Emotional Image Psychotherapy”

Panel sessions:

  • “Actual Problems Of Client-Centered Psychotherapy And Counseling, A Person-Centered Approach”
  • “Art Psychotherapy: The Path Traveled And The Milestones Of Further Development”
  • “Balint Groups As An Effective Tool For The Prevention Of Professional Burnout Of Specialists Helping Professions”
  • “Don’t Panic — Psychotherapeutic Aid To Clients With Panic Attacks”
  • “Transactional Analysis”
  • “Client-Centered Psychotherapy”
  • Actual Problems Of Client-Centered Psychotherapy And Counseling, A Person-Centered Approach
  • “Clinical Classical Psychotherapy”
  • “Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy In Neurological Practice”
  • “Mediation: Interdisciplinary Approaches To Conflict Resolution”
  • “Neuropsychology”
  • “Oncopsychotherapy” / “Oncopsychosomatics-2022”: Holistic Bio-Psycho-Socio-Spiritual Approach To The Treatment And Rehabilitation Of People With An Oncological Disease
  • “Positive Psychotherapy”
  • “Process-Oriented Psychology And Psychotherapy”
  • “Psychoanalysis”
  • “Psychocatalysis”
  • “Psycho-Organic Analysis”
  • “Psychotherapeutic Kinesiology”
  • “Psychotherapy And Psychological Counseling For Children And Adolescents”
  • “Psychotherapy Of Crisis State”
  • “Resource Oriented System Therapy (ROST)”
  • “Sexual And Reproductive Health Of Children, Adolescents, Families And Society. Psychotherapy In Sexology And Sexopathology”
  • “Symboldrama And Imaginative Body-Oriented Psychotherapy”
  • “Systemic-Phenomenological Psychotherapy (Counseling) And Client-Centered Constellations®”
  • “Body Psychotherapy & Biosynthesis”


  • Rasit Tukaev — Comparative evaluation of the effectiveness of psychotherapy; evidence-based approach
  • Wang Xuefu — Zhi Mian: a Chinese approach to existential thinking and practice
  • Bruce Scott — The world of psychotherapy: the forgetfulness of courage, truth, children and of God
  • Natalia Spokoinyi — Archimedean lever for short-term integrated therapy of severe trauma
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