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9th World Congress for Psychotherapy
9th World Congress
for Psychotherapy
"Children, Society and Future – the Planet of Psychotherapy"
June 26-29, 2020
Moscow, Russia

The World Congress of 2020 will be held in the Russian Federation according to the decision of the World Council for Psychotherapy, which kindly entrusted the organization of the largest professional event in the world to the Professional Psychotherapeutic League of Russia and its partners.

In past decades psychotherapy has become a worldwide phenomenon; and we expect to welcome guests from more than one hundred countries, from all continents, from all over the world at the Congress.

The Congress is organized as a festival of psychotherapy — PSYFEST. It brings together professional, both scientific and practical, educational and social features of our profession. Professional festival is a joyful event with diverse contents, so its participants are able to find exactly what they are looking for in the matters of their profession, personal life and desired personal development.

Among the participants of the congress will be scholars and lead experts in psychotherapy as well as practice-oriented psychotherapists — both experienced professionals and newcomers in our field; students of psychotherapy; and our clients and patients will also make an important part of the Congress.

The peculiarity of our work is in a certain level of isolation in our professional activities. Due to the privacy policy, psychotherapists are unable to share their experiences and thoughts outside of the professional community& Thus for the majority of us the Congress becomes an important, long-awaited opportunity to feel belonging to the worldwide professional psychotherapeutic community, to feel being a significant part of it.

The Congress will be filled with various interactive events: during the Congress not only lectures and presentations at keynote and panel sessions will be given, but also large therapeutic and supervision groups, trainings of personality development and professional effectiveness, workshops, discussions and round tables will be held. We are going to have a meeting with the true leaders of our profession who come from the majority of countries of the world. We will be able to see the present day statistics and the future development prospects of our profession.

As psychotherapists, we cannot imagine our professional life without our fellow colleagues, our clients and patients. The World Congress for Psychotherapy is a feast of psychotherapy and psychotherapists held once in every three years. This is a feast for us, dearest colleagues!

Together we create the largest professional event of the 21st century!


Curators of the main thematic fields of the 9th World Congress for Psychotherapy

Dear Colleagues! We strive to include the most eminent representatives of our profession among into the speakers list of the 9th World Congress for Psychotherapy!

26 March 2019

Board meetings of the European Association for Psychotherapy in Vienna

On February 21-23, 2019, the meeting of the Board of the European Association for Psychotherapy was held in Vienna, Austria.

18 March 2019

Business meeting with Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis

On February 27, a working meeting of the President of the 9th World Congress for Psychotherapy, Viktor Makarov, with the Rector of the Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis Lev Igorevich Surat was held in Moscow.

01 March 2019