First Intercontinental Extraterritorial Congress
First Intercontinental Extraterritorial Congress
«Planet of Psychotherapy»
Children. Family. Society. Future.
2022 21-26

Semyon YESSELSON (Russia)

Coordinates a number of issues in the field of international cooperation of the congress.

Semyon Borisovich Yesselson is an existential therapist, board member of the Federation for Existential Therapy in Europe (FETE), head of Existential therapy modality at the National Umbrella Organization of Russia (OPPL), president of the interregional non-governmental organization “National Association of Existential Counselors and Therapists”, board chairman of the International Institute for Existential Counseling (MIEK), chief editor of the international (Russian language) journal “Existential Tradition: Philosophy, Psychology, Psychotherapy”, member of the organizing committee for the First World Congress for Existential Therapy (London, 2015), member of the closing Soviet delegation to the European Congress on Group Psychotherapy (Budapest, 1990), one of the first Soviet business trainers, one of the first Soviet conflict resolution professionals (teaching at the St. Petersburg Experimental Faculty in the early 90s to prepare conflict resolution specialists, expert of the State Duma of the Russian Federation and consultant on conflict resolution at the federal and regional government bodies). Author of such genres of existential therapy as ‘narrative resonator’ and ‘existential journey’, originator of the existential project ‘For the Memory of Future Generations’, author of numerous existential fairy tales. Upon the decision of the organizing committee of the 2ndWorld Congress for Existential Therapy (Buenos Aires, 2019), the interview with Semyon Yesselson is posted in the interview section of the world’s leading existential therapists.

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