First Intercontinental Extraterritorial Congress
First Intercontinental Extraterritorial Congress
«Planet of Psychotherapy»
Children. Family. Society. Future.
2022 21-26

Victor MAKAROV (Russia) – President of the Congress

MD, doctor of medical sciences is the President of the All-Russian Professional Psychotherapeutic League and the National Self-Regulating Organization «Union of Psychotherapists and Psychologists», President elect of the Asian Federation of Psychotherapy, Vice-President of the World Council for Psychotherapy and Head of the Department of Psychotherapy and Sexology of the Russian Medical Academy of Continuous Professional Education.

He provides supervision and personal therapy to psychotherapists, psychologists and counselors. Victor Makarov was awarded the first place in the ratings of Russian psychotherapists according to the Professional psychotherapeutic league of Russia during the years the rating was estimated. He was awarded the badge «For the special contribution to the world psychotherapy» in 2006 and the National Awards «Harmony» in the nomination «For contribution to science and education» in 2018.

Victor Makarov started his medical practice in 1972 as a child psychiatrist. He then worked as an adolescent psychiatrist and grew up together with his patients and clients. Victor Makrov is a Doctor of Medicine since 1992, Professor since 1994, Head of the department of psychotherapy and sexology of the Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education since 1997, President of the Russian Professional Psychotherapeutic League of Russia since 1998.

In 1999, 2001-2003 — Victor Makarov was the Vice President of the European Association for Psychotherapy, and in 2000 he was the President of this organization. Since 2002 he was the Vice-President of the World Council for Psychotherapy, since 2003 — Vice-President of the Asian Federation of Psychotherapy. Since 2006 be was the President of this organization. Since 2016 Victor Makarov is the founder and President of the National Association of Self-Regulatory Organization of psychotherapeutic and psychological science and practice «Union of psychotherapists and psychologists».

Victor Makarov is a well-known organizer. He is the author of the concept of education through immersion in a specially created training and therapeutic environment. This concept is implemented in the decadniks ("ten-day training marathons") which are held since 1989 in Russia, Kazakhstan, France, Italy under his guidance. Victor Makarov was a Rector of the «International University of mental ecology» in 1992-1996, Rector of «Retraining Institute» since 2001; CEO of «Alafar» psychotherapeutic clinic in 2003-2004.

Victor Makarov is a renowned researcher. He is an author of several psychotherapeutic methods: «Multimodal Russian psychotherapy», «Polymodal psychotherapy» — the only Russian method acknowledged by the European Association for Psychotherapy, «Method of crystallization of problems,  crystallization of solutions». He wrote more than 300 scientific works, including 18 monographs, and is a publisher of professional literature: chief editor of the monthly peer-reviewed scientific journal «Psychotherapy», main editor of the “Anthology of Russian Psychotherapy and Psychology”, chief editor of scientific journal «Issues of mental medicine and ecology», chief editor of «Professional psychotherapeutic newspaper», chief editor of the World scientific journal «Psychotherapy». Victor Makarov is also an editor and publisher of a series of monographs and textbooks in the Moscow publishing house «Academic Project»: «Library of Psychology, Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy», «Psychotherapeutic technology», «All psychotherapy, counseling and practical psychology.»

Victor Makarov is an infamous pedagogue in higher education. In 2003-2019 he was the head of the working team that specialized in developing standardized programs in psychotherapy in the Ministry of Health of Russia. His lectures and trainings spark unabated interest from medical practitioners and psychologists.

Being a popularizer of applied psychology and psychotherapy, Victor Makarov regularly participates in television and radio programs, gives interviews to popular magazines and newspapers.

Victor Makarov has a long term practice in psychotherapy and counseling psychology. He works with most complicated client and patient cases from all over the world.

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