9th World Congress for Psychotherapy 2020
9th World Congress
for Psychotherapy
"Children, Society and Future – the Planet of Psychotherapy"
June 24-27, 2021
Moscow, Russia

Online Psyfest® Workshop Schedule

June 24 — 28, 2020

June 24 (Wednesday)

24.06 TIME STRIP 1 10.00-12.15 Ermoshin A.F."Things in the body: efficient working out of emotional stress and trauma by the method of psychocatalysis" С переводом на английский язык Slyusarchuk O.V.Gong Therapy — Online Action +Master class «Sound therapy»
24.06 TIME STRIP 2 12.30-14.45 Shamparov V.L."Practical methods of building motivation for healthy lifestyle" Bitekhtina L.D., Sokolovskaya I.E., Chukhrova M.G."The paradox of life of the soul: the psyche and spirit, the individual and personality in the alarming situation of self-isolation 2020"
24.06 TIME STRIP 3 15.00-17.15 Soldatova S.A."Personal brand of specialists of helping professions: how to create and capitalize" Averkina S.S."Emotional intelligence is the key to personal strength and an open heart"
24.06 TIME STRIP 4 17.30-19.45 Makarov V.V., Lych K.V. «The element of money» Goloulina N.A."The authorship of life"
June 25 (Thursday)
25.06 TIME STRIP 1 10.00-12.15 Shcherbakova I.M. «Body code of parent, adult and child» Sennikova M.N. «Professional self-determination of difficult adolescents in difficult times»
25.06 TIME STRIP 2 12.30-14.45 Zhukov A.S., Lyakh I.V. «Multimodal Supervision Group»С переводом на английский язык Spokoiniy N.V. «4D constellations in the short-term therapy of trauma and conflict: the transformation of destructive aggression into creative resources» Спереводомнаанглийский, немецкий языки
25.06 TIME STRIP 3 15.00-17.15 Katkov A.L. «The model of »Psychotherapeutic Laboratory" as a form of intensive practical training of psychotherapists and consultants «
25.06 TIME STRIP 4 17.30-19.45 Yeselson S.B. »Former Sweethearts" — existential film therapy group Zezyulinskaya I.A. «Modern integrative resource art therapy of crisis conditions»
June 26 (Friday)
26.06 TIME STRIP 1 10.00-12.15 Yeselson S.B. «Former Sweethearts» — existential film therapy group continued! Fedosimova M.S. «Background anxiety: why and what to do?»
26.06 TIME STRIP 2 12.30-14.45 Serebryakova K.A. «Quarantine. Image of prison, trauma of development» Goltyvanskaya E.G. «The strength of the family and 12 bricks of its strength»
26.06 TIME STRIP 3 15.00-17.15 Ilyina O.Z. «The concept of countertransference. How to work with countertransference in psychotherapeutic practice » Panyukova I.A. «From 0 to 16. Practical aspects of counseling on the sexual development of children and adolescents»
26.06 TIME STRIP 4 17.30-19.45 Dobryakov I.V. «Changes in family subsystems in critical pandemic situation» Mironik-Aksenova O.I. «Working with drawings. POA tool»Krylova A.V. «Qigong» 1, 5 hours
June 27 (Saturday)
27.06 TIME STRIP 1 10.00-12.15 Serbina L.N. «Work with a myth and a fairy tale. Fairy tale therapy» Minifest «Create your own world while playing!» — Gameplay for adults 09.45 — 21.00
27.06 TIME STRIP 2 12.30-14.45 Avagimyan A.A., Leiko E.V. «Balint group is an effective method to prevent professional burnout»
27.06 TIME STRIP 3 15.00-17.15 Lavrova N.M., Lavrov N.V., Deynega V.A., Rusanova Yu.V.Technology «mediation map» to resolve interpersonal conflicts.
27.06 TIME STRIP 4 17.30-19.45 Rogova O.I. «Yoga nidra (sleep yoga) — deep relaxation of the psyche with integration of self-hypnosis»
June 28 (Sunday)
28.06 TIME STRIP 1 10.00-12.15 Kuleva E.B. «Anxiety. From negative programming to self-confidence» Kulygina Yu.G. «Image of a successful project»
28.06 TIME STRIP 2 12.30-14.45 Rumyantseva I.V. «How to exchange learned helplessness for trained confidence» Kirsanova A.A., Tsiglova O.O. «Psychology and Folk Tradition: Challenges of the Present»
28.06 TIME STRIP 3 15.00-17.15 Malisova I.U. «Method for identifying and integrating ego states in cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy» Buchatskaya M.L. «Transformation of monetary thinking»
28.06 TIME STRIP 4 17.30-19.45 Pligin A.A., Vakulin O.S. «Effective life management psychology» Starostin O.A. «Plassotherapy — the author’s method of metamodal sand therapy. The possibilities of using moving sand in psychological counseling and psychotherapy»
Minifest continues «Create your own world while playing!» — Gameplay for adults 09.40 — 20.00
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