9th World Congress for Psychotherapy 2020
9th World Congress
for Psychotherapy
"Children, Society and Future – the Planet of Psychotherapy"
June 23-26, 2022
Moscow, Russia

Program of workshops and trainings

Program of master-classes, trainings and other events of Psyfest ® online

Moscow, June 24-28, 2020

Online Psyfest® Workshop Schedule

Dear participants! Please note, that the program indicates the language in which the master class is held and whether there is translation into other languages.


24.06, 15.00-17.15

Averkina Svetlana Sergeevna — Psychologist, Transactional Analysis practitioner, sexuality coach. Candidate for the title of the certified transactional analyst in the field of psychotherapy. Full member of the All-Russian Professional Psychotherapeutic League. Full member of the St. Petersburg Institute for Transactional Analysis. Full member of the European Association for Transactional Analysis. Russia. Crimea. Sevastopol.


When we are emotionally literate, we can deal with difficult emotional situations that often lead to us fighting, lying, lashing out, and hurting other people.

We are under the constant effect of emotional trauma. Some of them appear in the simple everyday life challenges, while others come from betrayals and disappointments. Without an exit, emotional pain causes us to freeze emotionally. But when we put ourselves in an emotional «cocoon,» we lose touch with our feelings and become powerless to understand and control them.

We crave emotional experience and seek it in many ways.

Learning emotional literacy is a direct and effective way to connect with your feelings and their power, and thereby establish good and loving relationships with other people.

You can learn to touch others with your emotions. You don't have to remove the power of control and fear. Instead, you can be an empath, drawing energy from love and sharing the power that love gives you.

For a general audience.

As a result of the workshop, you will be able to:

  • train yourself to enjoy your feelings and the feelings of other people;
  • learn to understand and direct your emotions, listen and respond to the needs of others;
  • correct emotional damage and navigate the world of feelings;
  • learn your level of emotional awareness.


27.06. 12.30-14.45

Anzhela Avagimyan — Associate Professor, Chair of Nursing Management and SocialWork, Institute of Psychology and Social Work, FSAEI HE I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University of the Ministry of Health of the RussianFederation (Sechenov University); medical psychologist, No.1 N.A. Alekseyev PsychiatricClinic, Moscow Health Department; PPL international level trainer; certified consultingpsychologist (certified by the Institute of Psychosomatics and Psychotherapy, Potsdam,Germany and PPL); certified supervising Balint group leader (certified by GermanBalint Society and PPL); supervisor, international level individual consulting therapistand supervisor; member of German and UK Balint Societies; Moscow Balint SocietyPresident

Leyko Elena Vitelievna — psychologist, PPL Russia international level official professor, PPL Russia Balint group leader and supervisor, UK and German Balint Societies member, Moscow Balint Society vice president

Balint groups is a method of a group training research work. The central object of the research in a classic Balint group is the psychotherapist-client relationship. The analysis of this relationship allows gaining better understanding of the client in the context of his connections and interactions with the real world. Balint groups can be used as a tool for professional and personal growth in helping specialists. The participants will be offered a classic German version of a Balint group and a «sculpture» Balint group session. Today we are witnessing a growing importance of socionomic-type helping professionals such as doctors, psychologists, and social workers. The most important variable of social practice in these areas is the personality of the specialist as a means of professional activity. This is illustrated through the personal attitude of the helping professional, his competence as a practicing researcher or his professional treatment of clients. Today helping professionals are facing a burnout syndrome as an inevitable type of professional deformation.

The event is meant for a wide audience.

The training is geared towards a broad audience including doctors, medical and social workers, psychologists and psychotherapists; in short, all helping professionals.


24.06. 12.30-14.45

Bitekhtina Lyubov D. — Candidate of psychological Sciences, doctor of philosophy, Professor, academician of RNAN; co-head of the modality «Religious-oriented psychotherapy of the all-Russian Professional Psychotherapy League».PPL Full member, specialist in the field of methodological foundations of theology, philosophical anthropology and religious-oriented psychotherapy.Head of the Department of theology and religious psychology, RNAN, Head of the «Peresvet Publishing house» of the Saints of Radonezh Brotherhood.Author of spiritually-oriented psychotherapy of the soul.A follower of the «Spiritual school» and the patristic practice of obedience to the Trinity Sergius Lavra (Sergiev Posad)

Sokolovskaya Irina E. — Doctor of psychological Sciences, Professor of the Department of social, general and clinical psychology, Faculty of psychology, RSSU (Moscow), PPL Full member, General Director of the educational and cultural center «Inter-Sputnik»; President of the charitable Foundation for spiritual development and identification of creative skills of orphans and disabled children «Your angel».

Author of more than 100 publications: «Religious commitment and its influence on the character and personality of modern man. Constructive and destructive aspects of the religiosity of modern youth», 2013; «Religious identity of the individual», 2014; «Man and his actions: essays on anthropological and ethical teachings»; « Man in search of himself»; «Spiritual security of the younger generation as a guarantee of a healthy nation of the XXI century»; «The mission and possibilities of religious faith in preserving the psychological health of a modern digital society», «Religious extremism as a type of social activity in modern society», etc.

Chukhrova Marina G. — Doctor of medical Sciences, Professor of the Department of personality psychology and special psychology of FP NGPU (Novosibirsk), Psychiatrist-narcologist of the highest category.Author of more than 300 publications, 12 monographs, 3 textbooks for students, 12 guidelines, 12 patents for inventions.

The event will be interesting for a wide audience.

As soon as we cross the threshold and enter God's domain, our biological balance and the psychosomatic balance we seek will inevitably be shaken. A complete reconstruction of the personality is inevitable, including both its mental and physical plan, because there is a revolution, a new order is established, everything begins to live and interact differently. Our attitude changes to everything and in everything. There are times when no one asks or warns where they come from or why. These are times of deep spiritual changes, to which we involuntarily react with a mental disorder, falling into an inadequate and scattered perception of reality. As a rule, we do not distinguish between mental balance and healthy spirituality, believing that it is either the same thing, or both phenomena are directly related. However, this is not so!


26.06. 17.30-19.45

Dobryakov Igor Valerievich — Associate Professor, Candidate of Medical Science (PhD), Clinical Psychologist (EuroPsy), Senior Researcher at the Scientific and Organizational Branch of the Federal State Budgetary Institution «National Medical Research Center for Psychiatry and Neurology named after V.M. Bekhterev»of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, PPL member, RPA and RPO member. Co-chair of RPO perinatal psychology section, organizer and head of the symposium «Perinatal psychopathology and psychotherapy» in the framework of the IX World Congress on Psychotherapy «Children. Society. The Future — The Planet of Psychotherapy»

Announcement of the pandemic, the requirements of compliance with the isolation regime create a critical situation. At the same time, there is an increase in the level of basal anxiety, a change in the stereotypes of everyday family life. Relations between family subsystems and family members are changing. This can lead to disharmony of family relations as well as joint overcoming of the crisis and family strengthening.


24.06 10.00-12.15

Ermoshin Andrey F., author of the Psychocatalysis method, doctor-psychotherapist, PhD in psychology, psychotherapist of the European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP), member of the Committee of modalities of the Professional Psychotherapeutic League (PPL), director of «Soul`s Health Center», Russia, Moscow.

It is in human nature to accumulate stress and trauma during one’s life. They affect the autonomic nervous system and do not pass on their own. Their signs can be seen in the data of the test «Constructive drawing of a person», which takes no more than a minute to complete. Stresses and traumas rob a person`s potential and lead to mental and psychosomatic diseases. At the workshop there will be shown the algorithm for rapid working through the states caused by adaptive tension and psychic traumas such as fright, disappointment, loss, betrayal, humiliation, etc.

Psychocatalysis algorithms are the keys to working through vegetative dysfunctions caused by psychic traumas. The participants will see how to work through phobias, disappointment, resentment, and etc. in a matter of minutes. They will learn to work at the level of the autonomic nervous system and get experience of self-regulation. There will be a lot of practice.

The workshop will be interesting for: general audience.


25.06. 17.30-19.45
26.06. 10.00-12.15

Semyon Borisovich Yesselson is an existential therapist, board member of the Federation for Existential Therapy in Europe (FETE), head of Existential therapy modality at the National Umbrella Organization of Russia (OPPL), president of the interregional non-governmental organization «National Association of Existential Counselors and Therapists», board chairman of the International Institute for Existential Counseling (MIEK), chief editor of the international (Russian language) journal «Existential Tradition: Philosophy, Psychology, Psychotherapy», member of the organizing committee for the First World Congress for Existential Therapy (London, 2015), member of the closing Soviet delegation to the European Congress on Group Psychotherapy (Budapest, 1990), one of the first Soviet business trainers, one of the first Soviet conflict resolution professionals (teaching at the St. Petersburg Experimental Faculty in the early 90s to prepare conflict resolution specialists, expert of the State Duma of the Russian Federation and consultant on conflict resolution at the federal and regional government bodies). Author of such genres of existential therapy as ‘narrative resonator’ and ‘existential journey’, originator of the existential project ‘For the Memory of Future Generations’, author of numerous existential fairy tales. Upon the decision of the organizing committee of the 2ndWorld Congress for Existential Therapy (Buenos Aires, 2019), the interview with Semyon Yesselson is posted in the interview section of the world’s leading existential therapists.

Client group — designed for people who consider the topic relevant for them.

This group is for those who deep down cherish the idea of meeting with former lovers, to whom it seems that what they used to have was better, than what they have now.

It is a group for those, who want to transform old love relationships into friendships and «be friends by households», but for some reason they do not.

This is a group for those who decide whether to let the old love come close or is it better to move to a safe distance?

This group is for those who ponder over the words of Andrei Voznesensky «Do not return to your former lovers, there are no former lovers in the world.» Should we believe A. Voznesensky? Or does he express in his verse only personal traumatic experience?

In this group you can try to cope with the difficulties that arise in your relationship with complex and sometimes conflicting feelings towards former lovers.

The author uses his own genre of existential therapy «narrative tuning fork».


26.06. 10.00-12.15

Fedosimova Marina Sergeevna — psychodrama therapist, body oriented therapist, specializes in biodynamic analysis and working with shock trauma, prenatal psychologist, specialist in projective methods, cofounder of psychological center «Resource Workshop», Professional Psychotherapeutic League of Russia full member, Russia, Rostov-on-Don.

During the workshop we’re going to review:

1. The concept of personal prenatal anxiety.

2. The mechanism of its genesis.

3. The ways to work with it (personal and therapeutic).

Workshop «AUTHORSHIP OF LIFE» (Russian)
24.06. 17.30-19.45

Natalia Goloulina — Psychotherapist at the Institute of Psychodrama, Coaching and Role Training, certified psychodrama therapist, coach, trainer of the Psychodrama Association, University of Haifa, Faculty of Social Welfare and Health Sciences, MA Program in Creative Arts Therapies, Master’s Degree in Psychodrama.

As we all know, only few people spend their lives doing what they want. Many people simply are trying to survive the working week in anticipation of the weekend and unfortunately do not get any job satisfaction. At best, they have patience with their business, and at worst, they don’t.

One can definitely be guided by life circumstances, but as George Kelly argued, «No one should be a victim of his own biography»; and Jung wrote: « I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become."

Irvin Yalom believed, that responsibility implies authorship. Thus, being aware of responsibility means being aware of the creation of our own «I» by ourselves, of our fate, of our life success and failures, of our feelings as well as our sufferings, if any.

This workshop is for the people who would like to:

  • Get deeper contact with the role of the author of his own life
  • Enjoy an easy and joyful life, full of pleasures, with a sense of inner balance and harmony both at work and in other life situations
  • Have a true love for life in all its forms and enjoy life discoveries
  • Get the sense of purpose in life and feel free to do whatever is necessary in any circumstances
  • Set a high value of oneself, of one’s opportunities and ability to use them in the best way

The event will be interesting for a wide audience.


26.06. 12.30-14.45

Goltvyanskaya Elena GennadievnaOrthodox psychologist, catechist, senior teacher of the Law of God at the children's Sunday school «Raduga», candidate for the title of certified Transactional analyst in Europe. Specialist in the field of family systemic psychotherapy, PPL full member.

Publications in the newspaper «Chersonesky Vestnik»: «Meet a teenager», «Kolya + Masha ... let's Talk about love», «About female loneliness».

For a wide range of people. Specialists will receive a tool for practical work. Non-specialists will gain new knowledge and skills that harmonize the quality of family relationships and improve the quality of life.

You will take a fascinating journey along the river of time and get acquainted with the Orthodox traditions of the family. Psychological models of relationships will be considered. This tool helps partners track familiar response patterns that complicate mutual understanding. These are visual models that allow you to analyze problems and move on to a successful transformation into a more harmonious relationship.

At the Master Class, you will learn what is the strength of the family and what makes it unbreakable.

Take a fascinating journey along the river of time and learn what «family» is, get acquainted with the Orthodox traditions of the family. The status of women. What is the children. What saints help in various family situations. Look inside yourself and touch your love and your partner's love. Is this true love?

We will talk about the polarity of the manifestation of love at every level of the personality structure: physical, mental, and spiritual.

You will learn what preserves and strengthens the unity of the family, gives meaning and thoroughness to all the events of family life, and harmonizes intra-family relations.

They will address the psychological model of relations. This tool helps partners track familiar response patterns that complicate mutual understanding. These are visual models that allow you to analyze problems and move on to a successful transformation into a more harmonious relationship.

Get a tool that helps you study and change the quality of partnerships (if there are problems with them), make them more harmonious and sincere.

The Master Class will be useful for professionals who will receive a tool for practical work and a wide range of people seeking to harmonize partnerships and improve the quality of life.


26.06. 15.00-17.15

Ilyina Olga Zinovievna (Russia, St. Petersburg) — psychologist-psychoanalyst, PPL full member, supervisor and teacher, member of the European Confederation of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy.

Transference and countertransference are phenomena similar to universal gravitation: you may not be aware of their existence, but they will manifest themselves between people. Not only in the psychotherapist’s office, but also in ordinary life.

The lecture is based mainly on clinical examples that are often found in the practice of psychotherapy. The theoretical material is presented in the minimum necessary volume, for those wishing to get a deeper understanding of the psychoanalytic theories of countertransference, a list of recommended literature is given at the end of the lecture.

What we will talk about:

  1. The idea of transferent feelings of the patient. Negative and idealizing transference.
  2. The concept of countertransference.
  3. Types of countertransference — concordant and complementary.
  4. The importance of distinguishing between «own» and «client's» experiences in the process.
  5. Working with negative transference. How not to drown in the patient's «ocean of aggression».
  6. Idealizing transference. When and for how long it is worth supporting.
  7. Patient with narcissistic defenses and «dumb» therapist. How not to get involved in the struggle for the «crown».
  8. The experience of hopelessness and desperation at each session. How to redesign tactics.
  9. The unconscious «invitation» of the patient to play the role of his «bad» mother. How to build a counterscript.
  10. On the significance of the primary diagnosis of the case. When you can give a «soul for rent» for the benefit of the patient and when to save yourself.
  11. Countertransferent resistance. Unconscious acting out of the therapist.


25.06. 15.00-17.15

Katkov Alexander Lazarevich — MD, professor, vice-president of the Department of General Medicine, Chairman of the Scientific Council of the National SRO for Psychotherapy. (Saint-Petersburg, Russia).

The master class is held in the mode of an interactive online seminar.

The seminar part itself takes about 40% of the time (the main components of the psychotherapeutic laboratory training model for psychotherapists are reviewed and discussed — warming up communication, demonstration, «freeze frame», «time lapse», «internal expert», work with the training problems form, work with cases, etc.). In the practical — illustrative part, the special exercise «Hand» is carried out with discussion and consolidation of the result obtained. In conclusion, the possibility of using this approach in the practice of training and self-training of psychotherapists and consultants is discussed.


28.06. 12.30-13.30

Kirsanova Anastasia, Russia, Leningrad region. Teacher-psychologist, coordinator of the «Round Dances of Traditions» festival «Round Dances of Russia».

Tsiglova Olesya, Russia, Vladimir. Methodologist of the Department of Theory and Methods of Education GAOU DPO VO Vladimir Institute of Education Development L.I. Novikova. Psychologist, social teacher, teacher of additional education. The leader of the folk group «Vladimirskaya vechera». Head of the Dances of Traditions festival of the Dances of Russia festival.

The meeting raises problems of modern education, formation of the personality of a man and a citizen. The ways of solution are in the the synthesis of pedagogy, psychology and folklore are indicated. As part of a lesson on the specified topic practice the master class will be given.

In the modern world, we are witnessing a deformation of traditional family values. The world is changing, society is changing, the roles and competencies of people are changing. In response to the challenges of modernity and technological progress, the need for humanity is growing — communication, self-identification, including ethnicity. There is a massive external change in consciousness — from creation to consumption.

How are the inhabitants of Russia radically different from the inhabitants of the rest of the world? Why is cultural code so important to us? Why is there an increase in interest in folk tradition in the 21st century? What is the significance of knowledge from the 19th century to the 21st century? How can a modern psychologist, a teacher use the potential of folk traditions in his work — individual and group? How can ritual songs be used to solve intrapersonal problems? What is the key to success of public education? Where to look for a worthy couple to create a family? These and other issues will be discussed at the meeting.

The practical part of the online meeting involves acquaintance with the experience of solving problems that a modern psychologist, teacher, educator, student, parent encounters in his activity: active receptions and methods of upbringing in the folk tradition — games, round dances, everyday dances.

Discussion of professional standard «Psychologist — Consultant» project

28.06. 13.45-14.45

Moderators: Maria Korshikova (Moscow, Russia), Victor Kuzovkin(Moscow, Russia).

Maria KorshikovaVice-President, Head of the Professional Standards Group, Member of the Presidential Council of the SRO National Association «Psychotherapists and Psychologists Union.»Psychologist, International Transaction Analyst — Coach, All-Russian Professional Psychotherapeutic League full member. Russia, Moscow.

Victor Kuzovkin Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Psychological Consulting, Faculty of Psychology, Moscow State Pedagogical University; Member of the accreditation commission for the accreditation of specialists of the Supervisory Board of SRO «Union of Psychotherapists and Psychologists»; full member, head of the Education Committee of the PPL Central Council, co-chair of the client-centered psychotherapy modality; PPL personal psychotherapist and supervisor of international level in modality of client-centered psychotherapy. Russia, Moscow.

Focus: discussion of the draft professional standard «Psychologist — Consultant» and the relevance of its development.


26.06. 18.30-20.00

Krylova Alla Viktorovna psycho-organic analyst, certified chi kung instructor with 25 years of teaching experience.

If you have to sit a lot and at the same time be in a tense psycho-emotional field of clients, you need to take care of rapid effective unloading of physical and emotional stress . That is for to prevent you from professional burnout and health problems.

Qigong exercises simultaneously work at three levels: body-emotions-thoughts and help our self-regulation quickly restore energy and emotional balance, calm the mind and relieve physical tension.

At the master class, we will do simple exercises together. You will master and learn the techniques of self-massage of energetically active zones and points. You will feel their beneficial effect on yourself and can easily apply them during working breaks.


28.06. 10.00-12.15

Kuleva Helen — Head of the psychology center «Bastet», lecturer at the Institute of practical psychology «Imaton», certified specialist in Positive Psychotherapy and Transcultural Psychiatry, vice president of interregional association of positive psychotherapy Russia (1997 — 2006), expert and member of the Coordinating Council of the Guild Psychotherapy and Training, head of the Guild's ethics Committee.

At the workshop will be presented ways to neutralize and optimize anxiety using a combination of traditional Chinese medicine and modern psychotherapy techniques.

Ancient Chinese doctrine U-sin considers interrelation of the basic emotional conditions of the person connected with them of physiological displays and ecological phenomena, being a material world basis Ancient Chinese doctors considered that a basis of all real including person, is the inseparable unity of five elements: fire, earth, metal, water and a tree. A body and soul of the person are also connected with these elements: heart — with fire, a spleen — with the earth, lungs and respiratory organs — with metal, kidneys and reproductive bodies — with water, a liver — with a tree. Elements also have the character, «soul». The person perceives «soul» elements through the emotions they generate. Fire is generated by pleasure, the earth — anxiety, metal — melancholy, water — fear, a tree — anger. Recreating in a relaxation session the images connected with fire, the earth, metal, water and a tree, we can quickly and effectively harmonize emotional condition of the clients, and also make active their energy potential. In the triad of Earth — Spleen — Anxiety the image of the Earth transforms coarse anxiety into the sense of stability, and then continues grow into confidence in themselves and into a sense of cosmic uniqueness.

Master class «IMAGE OF A SUCCESSFUL PROJECT» (Russian)

28.06. 10.00-12.15

Kulygina Julia Gennadyevna Founder and leading specialist of the Sand Therapy Association. Business development expert, author of techniques. Organizer of the international psychotherapy program «Creative Expedition». Multiple nominee of the national contest «Golden Psyche».

How to find the thing in life that will bring success and harmonious development? — The main issue of concern to people in society. At the master class, the author’s methodology for creating the image of a successful project will be demonstrated, which is a reflection of the underlying motives of the individual, and not his mental attitudes imposed by society. The accuracy of choice is determined by comprehensive analysis of the results of work at three levels — mental, physical and unconscious.

The event will be interesting for general audience.

The technique is based on the author’s many years of experience working with images of the unconscious, as well as the practice of psychological counseling for entrepreneurs and creative leaders. More than 30 successful projects a year in the field of psychology and creative industries start, thanks to this technology, which combines the methods of integrative sand therapy and business consulting. Creating an «image of a successful project» using this technique allows people who have previously experienced fear and insecurity to make accurate choices and act confidently, decisively, and successfully. The training has gained particular relevance in the context of the social and financial crisis.

Training «NATURAL FORCE OF MONEY» (Russian)

24.06. 17.30-19.45

Victor Makarov (Moscow, Russia). Doctor of Medicine, M.D., professor, president of Professional Psychotherapeutic League of Russia, vice-president of World Council for Psychotherapy, head of psychotherapy, medical psychology and sexology chair of Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education.

Money is the first of the social forces. The four forces of nature: earth, water, air, fire are now pressed by money. The training will cover the following issues: money in one’s kin and family, money in raising children, money in adolescence, money in young and mature age, money in the lives of seniors. Money in business and in personal life. Romance of money and punishment by money. As a result of the training, it’s participants will able to develop strategies of their personal relationships with money, leading to success and happiness.

The training will be interesting for: general audience.

More information:

The legendary «Money» training has been conducted by V. Makarov since late 1980s. The training has been constantly transforming ever since, meeting the needs and general trends in a rapidly changing society. Nowadays Russia is experiencing a severe crisis, or, more correctly, a depression. Thus, we adapt our financial behavior strategies in business and personal life to changing social conditions.


27.06. 15.00-17.15

Makarova Ekaterina — psychoanalyst, head of the central council committee of the All-Russian professional psychotherapeutic league for training therapy, certified training therapist — advisor by PPL, accredited supervisor of PPL, lecturer of PPL of international level, chairman of the international section of the All-Russian Professional Psychotherapeutic League, chairman of the youth section of the World Council for Psychotherapy, Ph.D. candidate at the Sigmund Freud University (Vienna, Austria), MSc., Moscow, Russia.

Social distancing, quarantine, information overload, fear of the future became a sudden and extreme reality for all humans. I will share techniques, that were successfully adopted by me and my colleagues, that enabled us to respond to the challenge of our time, and expand private practice offline and online.


28.06. 15.00-17.15

Irina Malissova (Germany), certified psychologist (MSU), Ph.D. in Psychological Sciences (RAN), certified psychotherapist (Germany) specializing in cognitive behavioral and deep psychotherapy. A practicing psychotherapist with 20 years of experience, an assistant professor at the Rhine Institute of Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis. Annelisa Heigl-Evers (Germany).

The master class is addressed to psychotherapists, psychological consultants, coaches.

Key concepts: modern cognitive behavioural therapy, ego-states, «inner team,» traumatized ego-states, dissociation, integration. The theoretical part includes a brief coverage of the modern CBT, a brief overview of a number of theoretical postulates on the application of the concept of ego-states in psychotherapy. The practical part will look at specific examples from private practice. Participants will have the opportunity to try themselves as a psychotherapist.


26.06. 17.30 — 18.30

Oksana Mironik-Aksenova — Psycho-organic therapist (European and world-registered), Leader of the Psycho-organic Analysis Module in Russia, Full Member of the PPL, EAP, National Delegate from Russia to the EAROA, International-Class Supervisor Coach in the PPL, Personal therapist, pre-training Coach for students in the POA school.

For everyone. Prepare an album or paper for drawing, paint (gouache or watercolor), a jar of water and brushes in advance. Work time 1 hour. Meeting with a primary impulse, movement through a drawing, interpretations with the help of group members, meeting, awareness and change.


26.06. 15.00-17.15

Panyukova Irina Anatolyevna — Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Psychotherapy and Sexology of the Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education.

What are the risk and anti-risk factors for impaired sexual development and sexual abuse;

How to distinguish age-related characteristics from sexual development disorders;

How to interact with parents on the psychosexual development of children and adolescents;

At what age, what aspects of sexuality and in what words to speak with children and adolescents;

How to help parents establish contact and understanding with children in these matters — such questions and practical recommendations will be discussed at the master class.


28.06. 17.30-19.45

Pligin Andrey — Doctor of Psychological Scieces (PhD), psychotherapist of the European registry, official representative of the European modality NLPt in Russia, trainer, coach, the author of the scientific concept of psychological assistance «Systemic formation of the individual’s life path» (Life Path Coaching and Life Path Therapy), author of 3 monographs, 4 study guides, 7 books and more than 100 publications. Counseling experience over 25 years. Moscow, Russia.

Vakulin Oleg — Psychologist, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, trainer, coach. Counseling experience over 10 years. Moscow, Russia.

Each person controls himself and his own life in different ways. Большинство эффективных людей преодолевают детско-родительский сценарий, становясь авторами своего жизненного пути. Мастер-класс помогает сфокусироваться на внутренних ролях, которые управляют личностью и жизнью, а также, определить те варианты жизни, которые лежат в основе сценария.

Most effective people overcome the parent-child script, becoming the authors of their life paths. The master class helps to focus on the internal roles that control the personality and life, as well as identify those life options that underlie the script.

The master-class will be interesting for general audience.

Unfortunately, many people live their lives without thinking about what bricks it consists of and therefore have very little effect on it. The main idea of the author’s method is to help people to make life a separate subject of consideration.

Eric Berne proposed the idea of a person’s life script, however, did not answer the question «How to change it?». The master class is dedicated to the answer to this question. Most people live negative life variants: life as an obligation and coercion, as a routine, as a drift, etc. While successful people, overcoming the difficulties of the parent-child script, build their lives based on socially attractive and useful life variants: life as self-development, as achievement, as financial success, etc.

The construction of an effective life path represents a special resonance between the development of a person (especially role identification) and life variants that are defined by the social environment of a person. Therefore, the master class focuses on how a person individually creates his role profile and how life variants for a family script are transformed into a focused life path.

The Program of master-class:

  • 4D life building and counseling model.
  • The basis of the life script: 10 life variants.
  • 6 basic personality management roles.
  • Methods of life development.
  • Practical steps to change life.

The master class will help people fill their life with meaning, enrich it with vivid interesting events, build their happiness and live several lives in one life!


27.06. 17.30-19.45

Rogova Oksana — Member of the National Guild of Hypnosis, the hypnotherapist. Higher education in choreography and psychology. She has experience in teaching yoga since 2001. She is a professional teaching of the physical disciplines (like choreography and different fitness) since 1992. She is a founder of the direction — Relax-yoga® and Relax Yoga school which teaches trainers by the method of «Yoga-Nidra». Oksana Rogova leads seminars, festivals of yoga in Moscow and abroad. She is a member of television and Internet yoga and fitness projects. She is a developer of a phone app, which calms the nervous system and helps set a sleep schedule.

It is suitable for a wide audience.

Your desires do not come just like that! Their aim is to compensate for hidden anxiety and lift to a new level your self-awareness! What hinders their implementation? A limiting beliefs and lack of motivation! Practice Yoga Nidra with self-hypnosis will help your wishes come true! In addition, for that to happen, you need a series of subtle psychophysical settings that only specialist can provide.

Yoga Nidra is a technique of relaxation, which inevitably will lead to calming of the nervous system and deep mental relaxation. This is a familiar state of consciousness «between sleep and wakefulness», but it is accomplished by volitional muscle relaxation and a short fixing attention on areas of the body and its parts.

The birth of this method occurred within the walls of the Bihar school of Yoga thanks to Swami Satyananda of Saraswati on the basis of two diverse traditions — the Vedic and tantric Niassa «yoga dreams» in the 50-ies of XX century.

Nidra is a hypnagogic state between sleep and wakefulness, and Yoga-Nidra (sleep yoga) is a method of maintaining this condition with the aim of relaxation and interaction with the subconscious.

Metaphorically, this method described as follows: the subconscious is a repository of all the programs that are your behavioral strategy. The state of Nidra opens the door to the subconscious, but your consciousness remains awake enough to affect its contents.

In this hypnagogic, and besides, still nice condition, there is a unique chance to strengthen the effectiveness of the programs which realize your desire through self-hypnosis. In the yoga tradition, they called Sankalpa.

Do you understand that your desire comes to you just like that? Usually you have a high need for this desire. It is born in your subconscious. Its implementation is designed to compensate for latent anxiety, and to satisfy and lift you to a new level of self-awareness!

Your desire still has not come true, although a lot of effort had been applied? What is in the way? Limiting beliefs and lack of motivation!

The practice of Yoga Nidra with autosuggestion will help your desires come true! Moreover, for this to happen, you need many subtle psychophysical settings, which can be provide by a specialist. Oksana Rogova is a hypnologist, the voice of the most sought-after Yoga Nidra on YouTube, the developer of the Yoga Nidra phone app.

The master class includes information about the Yoga Nidra method; explanation of the rules for the creation and implementation of installations; short practice of simple, accessible asanas; session «Yoga Nidra with self-hypnosis of positive attitudes» in the supine position.

Because the session itself takes place in a prone position, it is necessary to have comfortable clothes covering your arms and legs or a light blanket.


28.06. 12.30-14.45

Inga Viktorovna Rumyantseva psychologist, psychotherapist, vice-president of All-Russian Professional Psychotherapeutic League, Head of Regional branch of PPL Russia in Saint-Petersburg and North-Western Federal District of Russia. She is the official representative of the Supervision Committee of PPL.

St. Petersburg, Russia.

At the master class we will look at the mechanisms of transforming learned helplessness into self-confidence, understand how to strengthen positive feelings, strengthen our optimism, and awaken faith in the present and future. Exercises that will help to strengthen your psychological resource on this topic will be also presented.

The event will be interesting for a wide audience.


25.06. 10.00-12.15

Sennikova Margarita Nikolaevna — GBU of Moscow «FDC »Brigantine", GBOU «Linguistic center No. 1223», psychologist, psychodrama therapist (MIGIP), Member of the Commission on juvenile Affairs of Moscow, OPPL full member and interregional teacher, graduate student (MSOU).

Publications: Final international Congress of the all-Russian professional psychotherapeutic League «Possibilities of psychotherapy, psychology and counseling in the preservation and development of human health and well-being, family, society» (Moscow, 12-15 October 2017) — report on «Professional self-determination as a means of psychocorrection of delinquent behavior of adolescents: psychotechnical approach».

"Actual problems of research in counseling psychology" at the International scientific-practical conference «Levitskii» read «Actual problems of psychological, psycho-pedagogical and educational research» (Moscow, MGOU, April 19, 2018) — report on «initial consultations with the delinquent adolescents: psycho description».

The master class will be of interest to specialists (psychologists, teachers, social workers, coaches, leaders of groups and trainings) who are interested in the topic of assistance in professional self-determination of adolescents belonging to the risk group (adolescents with deviant behavior).

The workshop describes the experience of providing psychological assistance to »difficult teenagers", built based on professional self-determination, taking into account the time of crisis and the characteristics of the adolescent crisis.

During the coronavirus pandemic in Russia, our adolescents found themselves in an extremely difficult situation. Uncertainty about the upcoming final exams and admission to specialized educational institutions. In even greater tension and anxiety are adolescents who are experiencing the «crisis period» most violently, committing certain deviant acts. Their state of uncertainty, anxiety, hopelessness and blurred prospects for the near future is amplified during the global pandemic.

The workshop presents a program on professional self-determination of adolescents, with emphasis on specifics of work with deviance. The choice of professional self-determination as a methodological basis for building psychological practice is explained.

This program helps:

1) understand descriptions of the main personal characteristics and temperament

2) identify the abilities and PIQ (professionally important qualities)

3) identify and become aware of the teenager's strong qualities and «growth zones» (this helps to work more accurately on yourself, your changes)

4) recommend specific professional areas that should be taken into account when choosing a training profile.

Workshop «Work with myth and fairy tale. Fairy tale therapy» (Russian)

27.06. 10.00-12.15

Liudmila Serbina — Ph.D, Dipl.PW, IAPOP member, psychotherapist of the European Association for Psychotherapy, the leader of the Process-Oriented Psychology and Psychotherapy in the Professional Psychotherapeutic League (Russia), Teacher of the Institute Integrative Psychology and Psychotherapy (Russia, Moscow).

The fairy tale of all Nations is a form of transfer of experience of generations at a deep metaphorical level. How to use the metaphorical resources of fairy tale and myth to reflect the unconscious attitude of the client as gently and effectively as possible. Fairy therapy is an amazing magic «mirror», which reflects the transformed inner and outer world of the client, and most importantly-his dream and being. The client is in a magical, creative, fabulous space that allows him to go beyond the usual perception. We will explore different methods and techniques of working with myth and fairy tale.


26.06. 12.30-14.45

Serebriakova Karine Artashesovna — PhD in psychology, professor at MSUPE, lecturer at inter-regional level at RPPL, supervisor, head of System Consultation and Training Russia, Moscow.

The event will be interesting for specialists.

The master class will analyze one of the causes of anxiety in people who are in self-isolation/quarantine. We will talk about the developmental trauma caused by the child's parenting style in the family and how this is connected with the occurrence of anxiety in a quarantined environment. A structured technique for working with internal reality will be shown.

The quarantine caused by the coronavirus pandemic has raised many clients ' concerns about the restrictions being imposed. In their inner reality, they feel that they are in a prison from which there is no way out. This feeling often occurs in clients in the course of therapy, when they are faced with the theme of self-realization and self-actualization in the absence of external restrictions, in the presence of objective achievements in activities and with a fairly stable self-esteem.

One of the reasons, in this case, may be a developmental trauma caused by the child's upbringing system, in which any manifestations of free will are suppressed, there is strict control on the part of parents for any actions, and the main task of education is to suppress and subordinate the child to the will of parents. In this case, the child's personality is formed under constant pressure and restrictions, which negatively affects the manifestations of any kind of unauthorized activity in the adult state, causing incomprehensible vague anxiety when a person tries to go beyond the usual functioning and implementation of their plans.

Psychotherapeutic work with this type of anxiety is carried out in an internal reality, where there are their own laws and their own logic. Therefore, the main technique used is working with the imagination. The master class will present the general patterns of working with this topic, the main milestones that should be guided by a variety of customer image options, as well as the conditions under which the development of this topic is possible.

Master class «Practical methods of forming motivation to healthy lifestyle» (Russian)

24.06. 12.30-14.45

Vladimir Shamparov (Saint-Petersburg, Russia), Executive director of Festival Movement «Round Dances of Russia», organizer of the festival «Round dance of the World», author of the book «Your body wants to move! Wellness gymnastics of pleasure». Founder and developer of the wellness system «Gymnastics of pleasure», author and moderator of personal development training, organizer of popular festivals in the field of healthy lifestyle, inventor of the «body-accordant» training equipment, TV and radio presenter of a series of personal programs, writer.

Practical master class will reveal the basic principle of building body-accordant exercises, based on the natural needs of the body. Such exercises in the «Gymnastics of pleasure» are called «manifestations». «Manifestations» bring natural physical pleasure similar to the one we experience after morning reflex pandiculation. Positive reinforcement is given with every movement. This approach solves the problem of laziness, reluctance to do physical exercises. After several exercises, the body itself starts pushing towards training.

The author of the method will tell us which signals our body uses «to speak» with us, how it prompts to build body-accordant exercises (manifestations). Two control signals are outlined — the «pleasure» signal and the «pain» signal. Five dictating signals: «pandiculation» (stretching out), «relaxation», «strain», «stretching» и «massaging». As a result of the master class, you will become aware how our body prompts and pushes for the correct (body-accordant) physical development and strengthening, how to get positive mental and physical sensations from this process, how to avoid reluctance and laziness on the way to physical education.

The author of the method — Vladimir Shamparov, the author of the book «Your body wants to move! Wellness gymnastics of pleasure».

Target audience: psychologists, educators, doctors, trainers and fitness instructors working with target groups in mental and physical health, building motivation for healthy lifestyle, specialists in the prevention of harmful addictions, working on alternative healthy habits.


25.06. 10.00-12.15

Shcherbakova Irina — counselor, psychotherapist, psychodramatist, Certified counselor of Professional Psychotherapeutic League of Russia, Member of Professional Psychotherapeutic League of Russia.

Each of the ego states of Parent, Adult, Child has huge resources. The secret is that access to these resources is only open to someone who distinguishes well these states in himself and in others and switches easily from one state to another. If «switches do not work,» people get into communicative traps again and again. At the training we will learn to recognize ego-states and to form skills of conscious switching between them.

More information

Why is it so important to know your Parent, Adult and Child well? The same phrase, said from different ego states, addressed to different persons, can be filled with different meanings. The ability to recognize these meanings and respond not only to external, but also to internal message is the key to successful communications and relations. And not just with other people, but with yourself. The training is based on the ideas of transactional analysis and the magic of psychodrama, the effectiveness of cognitive-behavioral approach and the attention of body psychotherapy.

During the training:

  • we will train to recognize ego-states of Adult, Parent and Child by means of self-observation, feedback of group members, as well as video recording;
  • we will learn to differ physical feelings of each ego-state, and learn how to help ourselves to switch based on body sensations;
  • we will check whether «switches» work well and understand how to fix them;
  • we will train to move freely between states.

As a result, the participants of the training will have the opportunity to:

  • to make formal relationships more efficient and comfortable (at work with colleagues, management, subordinates, clients);
  • to express their position with confidence and to accept the point of view of other people;
  • to feel themselves and to behave more freely and consciously in complex communicative situations;

The target audience are people who:

  • often face misunderstanding of other people,
  • often find themselves in conflict or emotionally charged situations,
  • experience uncertainty and difficulties in defending their opinions,
  • interested in improving the quality of communication with relatives,
  • want to enjoy understanding and comfort in work relations.

Training can also be interesting to beginners and experienced specialists of assisting professions, as the techniques and exercises that we will perform are effectively integrated into psychotherapeutic and training practice.

Workshop «Sound Healing» (Russian)

24.06. 10.00-12.15

Slyusarchuk Olga — Psychologist, sound therapist, full member of the All-Russian Professional Psychotherapeutic League.

Sound meditation is a universal way of harmonization, deep relaxation and healing on the consciousness and the organism as a whole.

The master class is intended for a wide audience.

You are invited to go deep into yourself along with the sound of Tibetan singing bowls and Gongs.

Singling Bowls is a «tuning fork» that helps harmonize our vibrations with the vibrations of the Earth and the Universe, balance the work of the energy system and due to this:

— the first thing that happens is deep relaxation, which cannot always be achieved in the usual way;
— relieves cramps and pain;
— not only the body is relaxed, but also the most important thing is the MIND, the restoration of mental, mental energy, this calms the mind and helps to achieve greater clarity and speed of thinking;
— restoration of the balance of the right-left, Yin-Yang, male and female energy, activity and rest;
— you can understand your pain points, «blocks», both bodily and emotional;
— quickly recover, balance your emotions and transform them, become more calm and positive;
— to feel the state of «inner silence» when thoughts disappear;
— and finally hear the voice of your intuition. In this state, the subconscious mind can give answers to questions, can suggest the right option for action, or highlight the main thing in life, to understand what you REALLY want…


24.06. 15.00-17.15

Soldatova Svetlana Aleksandrovna — business consultant, trainer, coach, managing partner of the consulting company S&D Group, PPL full member.

The author of more than 150 author trainings and seminars, as the trainer has more than 16,000 training hours. The most titled business coach of the Crimea. She has experience in international teams of teachers and business trainers. A regular participant of TV broadcasts on issues of entrepreneurship, development, personal growth.

Master class for managers and owners, as well as anyone who plans to invest in their personal brand.


25.06. 12.30-17.15

Spokoinyi Natalia (Germany, Berlin) Director of IIS Berlin — International Institute of Systemic Constellations, full member of and international level instructor at PPL, WCP and EAP registered certified psychotherapist, INFOSYON and DGfS master trainer, systemic sex therapist, master theologician A.Men Uni.

4D constellations — the methods of N. Spokoinyi for the effective short-term therapy of severe trauma as well as the resolution and prevention of personal, familial, organisational and societal conflicts. The Task is to restore the integrity of any one of these systems after it has been damaged as a result of trauma or conflict. The method combines spiritually-oriented 4D constellations, working simultaneously on the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual levels along with other short-term therapies. Demonstrations can be arranged upon the request of participants.

Specialist training for: psychotherapists, psychologists, doctors, systemic constellators, business coaches, mediators, theologists, as well as a wide array of people interested in the spiritual aspects of psychotherapy, the transformation of aggressive energy into the positive restoration of identity after severe trauma, the causes and therapy methods of various symptoms including those of organisations and societies.

Workshop «The author's method metamodal sand therapy — «plassotherapy». Possibilities of using mobile (kinetic) sand in psychological counseling and psychotherapy» (Russian)

28.06. 17.30-19.45

Oleg A. Starostin is a psychotherapist, Ph.D in Medicine, full-fledged member and head of the «Sand therapy» of Russian Professional Psychotherapeutic League, President of Sand Therapy Association, Rector of InternationalAcademy of Integral Psychotherapy and Training ("IAIPT"), Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

At the master class, the presenter will present the author's method of metamodal sand therapy-plassotherapy.

The possibilities of the method of using mobile sand (kinetic sand) in the practice of a practical psychologist and psychotherapist for various requests will be presented.

Specific methods of plassotherapy will be presented, the presenter will share his experience, a demosession will be held with its subsequent analysis, analysis of sand paintings and images created by the client, archetypal images that arise when working with mobile sand will be presented.

During the master class, participants will get a basic understanding of plassotherapy, learn how to apply individual methods of the method, acquire initial skills of using mobile sand for psychological counseling and psychotherapy of various categories of clients.


25.06. 17.30-19.45

Inna Zezyulinskaya (Sevastopol, Russia) — holder of the European Certificate for Psychotherapy; systemic family psychotherapist; art therapist, mediator; accredited training psychotherapist-adviser and supervisor of PPL; certified PPL trainer of national level; trainer of the Institute of Practical Psychology «Imaton» (Saint Petersburg); head of the Crimean regional branch of PPL Russia (register of psychotherapists and psychologists of Russian Federation); associate professor, trainer of the IPO SRS KIP (Interregional Public Organization for Promotion of Symboldrama — Catathymic Imaginative Psychotherapy Development); supervisory Board member of the Self-regulating organization National Association for the Development of Psychotherapeutic and Psychological Science and Practice «Union of Psychotherapists and Psychologists»; full member of Art-therapeutic Association of Russian Federation; head of Applied psychology center «Harmony» and of art-therapeutic workroom «Paints of the Soul» (Sevastopol) — PPL Statuses: Full member of PPL Russia; head of the Crimean regional branch of PPL Russia; accredited training psychotherapist-adviser and supervisor of PPL; certified PPL trainer of national level.

The workshop is intended for broad audience: practitioners of helping professions — psychologists, art therapists, psychotherapists, social workers, educationists, leaders of personal development groups, and for all those who seek self-awareness and self-development.

At the workshop participants will enjoy the prime sum-up of modern integrative techniques of working with strong overwhelming feelings, anxiety, fears in stress and crisis situations.

Personal gains and opportunities:

  • working through your own important requests, feelings and limitations;
  • eliciting your own creative potential;
  • acquiring necessary resources.

Professional gains and opportunities:

  • getting acquainted with unique capabilities of modern integrative art therapy in individual and group work with crisis situations;
  • acquiring new effective and interesting tools for psychological aid and assistance;
  • improving your professional skills and capabilities;
  • reinforcing your repertoire with unique methods and effective techniques;
  • gaining new prospects on solving the requests of clients, partners, employees;
  • finding out how to solve the most complicated requests of clients quickly, easily and in interesting manner;
  • enhancing your level of professionalism and efficiency;
  • enjoying a boost of energy and novelty.

The concept of crisis therapy implies the fact that almost all existing approaches of psychotherapy are basically dealing with help in crisis situations and their study. Moreover, crisis therapy doesn't have a range of specific techniques and methods and represents an integral form of psychotherapy by its nature.

Art therapy, which has enjoyed booming development in recent years, can be attributed to one of these psychotherapeutic approaches and be easily integrated with another methods of psychotherapy.

In difficult and stressful situations people tend to spontaneously start doodling, scribbling; striking images over, blackening pieces of paper, or drawing lines in sand with a stick without even noticing it… Most commonly, this process is not being controlled by the consciousness — it is called «free drawing», an unconscious way to take traumatizing experience out of one's mind and to release the surfeit of feelings and emotions.

Natalie Rogers, a famous psychotherapist, writes: «In difficult life situations I was doodling, blowing my steam off, playing with paints without actually thinking of the results… Thus I noticed that I found calmness in drawings». According to N. Rogers, «When we use different forms of arts for self-healing or for therapy, we are not concerned about the beauty of what we create, literacy or style of a text we write, or harmony of a sound we produce. We use art as a release, an expression, an alleviation».

Art therapeutic exercises and techniques present a simple, effective and approachable way of urgent psychological help. They are based on art as on so-called «transitory space», a safe and naturally occurring space for a human being that is more steady and sheltered than any words. «I could have drawn it but I have no idea how to express it with words», — K. Rudestam cites one of his clients. Nonverbal means of expression are most effective to let traumatizing emotional states out and put them into prospective.

K. Jung believed arts to be a crucial instrument of self-healing features of human psyche. In stressful situations a person spontaneously addresses his unconscious «in search of dreams and images which bear potential resources or seeds of healing».


  • Tools for coloring (at the discretion of participants): gouache, acrylic paint, colored chalk, colored pencils.
  • Glue, scissors.
  • Splash paper.
  • White paper for painting (A3, A4 sheets).
  • Brushes: round brushes, narrow flat brushes.
  • Fabric and paper tissues.
  • Plasticine (play dough).
  • Foil.
  • Fabric strips of different size, texture and color.
  • Plastic cups for water, plastic plates, wet napkins.
  • Set of metaphoric cards (optionally).


25.06. 12.30-14.45

Alexander Zhukov, psychologist, full member of the All-Russian Professional Psychotherapeutic League (PPL), Holder of European Certificate of Psychotherapy (ECP), certified supervisor of the PPL, Docent of Institute of Katathym Imaginative Psychotherapy, Goettingen (Germany), Russia, Novosibirsk.

Igor Lyakh, psychotherapist, full member of PPL, Holder of European Certificate of Psychotherapy (ECP), the Head of the Committee on Polymodal Supervision of PPL, the PPL supervisor, official representative of the Central Council of PPL in Siberia, Head of Novosibirsk Regional Division of PPL, Russia, Novosibirsk.

Equipment: projector, speakers.

Workshop Description:

Supervision is an effective form of experience exchange and professional development. It builds necessary conditions for the effective work and possibility to control its quality. Supervision helps to incorporate innovative components into the daily practice of a professional.

The Workshop is designed for specialists in Assistance.

The Workshop will cover cases presentations as well as didactic analysis of them.


As a practice, Polymodal Supervision in Russia began more than 20 years ago. The Polymodal Supervision Group started in Novosibirsk in the late 1990s in the Insight Psychotherapeutic Clinic. The principles of practice have been developed for several years as the Group was being established.

The Group was open to new specialists. It welcomed new specialists in Assistance, social workers, lawyers, General Practitioners, and teachers, who joined the Group to solve the professional problems.

As Supervision was gradually developing, searching for theoretical justifications for the phenomenology of its effectiveness, the Group as a voluntary community provided the members the great opportunity to work and develop professionally. Due to the growing interest of psychotherapist communities in practical situations, various methods of work, other psychotherapist schools and concepts, the Polymodal Supervision Group has become in demand among professionals.

The number of the Group members is growing, and there is a need to widen the framework of the Group, while maintaining the initial principles of the Group. Now there are about fifteen groups working within the Group framework in Russia. Some of these groups work on an ongoing basis, while others gather on a case-by-case basis (during decades, festivals, congresses).

Online-MiniFest «Create Your World Yourself on Playing!» — the day of The Game Practice for Adults.

Game-practice is an activity to solve a wide range of life problems. Psychological, transformational game is designed to help participants to understand their inner states in a difficult or, on the contrary, desired situation (for example, achieving a goal). It allows a person to understand his inner state in the current life situation with the help of the game tools and to work out their problems on a deep archetypal level, realizing their manifestations in specific life circumstances.


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